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Why are HCG injections bad for you?

I am very leary of everyone using HCG injections for their weightloss.  Friends of mine are using it and definitely losing weight, Fast.  What are the long term effects of this type of weight loss and is it That bad for you to be on for a short while?  Is using Adderall for weight-loss worse?  So many "get thin" fast gimics out there and I just want to know the harmful aspects of using these types of products.  Thank you!

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Gimmicks unfortunately are just that - gimmicks!  They may help in the very short term, but won't really help you achieve your goals.  And research does show that yo-yo dieting in the end is associated with gaining weight in the long term.

My approach is making small changes that you can live with - drug free, and without counting calories.  I've assembled 200 different lifestyle choices that you can choose among in a little book I'm publishing in January - it's called The Flex Diet - you can read more about it at www.theflexdiet.com - take care!
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Putting any foreign chemical into our bodies is going to make some or the other functional disturbances - however, if a shortterm treatment helps you gain back your normal weight without doing much harm or without making any perrenial prob to your system then medically it may be a good advice.

Hcg is getting popu,ar with and without reasons!! To some, it does not seem to work while on some others it works great!

There have not been any longterm or even short term serious illeffects of hcg usage if done in correct dosage and using pharma grade material. Hence, hcg is topping the charts these days. I'm sure hcg diet has a bright future!

Till date I have not used it for any of my weightloss clients as peronally I prefer and always suggest natural drugfree ways to weightloss and fitness!

All the best,
Parth Adhyaru
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