What can I take that will really help me lose weight ! I really need help! I am 28 and 5'5 208lbs I need to lose this!!!! PLEASE HELP!
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i can give you some tips to lose weight

1 – Getting Enough Sleep
You might not be aware of this, but getting enough sleep is an integral part to losing weight.
2 – Stress, Stress, Stress
Stress is one of the main reasons that people gain weight and keep it on.
3 – The Dreaded Plateau
Even if you have been doing all the right things you will eventually come to a place where you stop dropping the pounds and just maintain.  
This happens when you hit a plateau.
4 – Consistency is Key
Are you being consistent with your weight loss efforts?  Be honest with yourself and what you are doing to take the weight off.
5 – Impatience
It takes time to see weight loss.  Have you given yourself enough time to see those results?

you can also consult this site for more help


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Thanks! I got most of this except the sleep, I think I'm at the plateau but I have to lose this!
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