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not losing the weight

hello I was prescribed phentermine 37.5mg by my doctor and was told to sign up for weight watchers. I have been doing this for 7 weeks now and I have lost 22lbs. But this week I started walking 45mins a day and Im well below my points for weight watcher and I have gained 2 whole pounds this week. Im doing everything right so why am i gaining if im taking the meds doing weight watchers drinking plenty of water and walking? its just so frusturating.
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the 2 pound weight gain can possibly be from water retention. I normally work out quite a bit, but sometimes life gets in the way and I cant make it to the gym. And during the winter time... sometimes it becomes non exsistent, and i notice that every time i pick back up with my exercise routine i will retain a bit of water and the scale will go up, but eventually it goes back down. I wouldnt worry too much about it, your eating healthy, and exercising, your doing your body good. I also measure myself, sometimes the scale will be up, but my measurements will be down.
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22 pounds in seven weeks it now a easy task. gaining weight after some weeks are weight loss medication is quite normal so please follow the same, if you leave this method in half way then it may lead to dangerous effects. however consult with your doctor about this.
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Congratulations!  22 pounds in seven weeks is a great accomplishment.

Sometimes weight will fluctuate a little bit after initial weight loss has occurred.  Please don't be discouraged - stick with this.

I tend to endorse a diet/exercise approach rather than medications - I feel that it's a better for long term success!
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