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trying to lose 10 pounds

I am 19 years old, I'm obssessed about losing weight and I don't know if it's a problem doing that but my current weight is 55kg and I want to become 50kg. Note that I'm 170cm height, I walk daily an hour on the treadmill on a speed ranges between 6-6.7 mps. I eat a healthy diet and avoid as much as possible fried food, but everyday I have like a piece of chocolate or something sweet. I have a daily breakfast of a cup of cereals for example. a cup of coffee. i eat on lunch either grilled food or cooked and rarely fried and as a dinner 2 or 3 types of fruits and sometimes I have a cup of cuppoccino too. Is what im doing right? Am I gonna lose weight?
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Your body mass index is 19, which actually suggests that you are underweight for your height.  You exercise daily and eat a generally healthy diet - it seems like you are doing all the right things!  So the question is...do you really need to lose the weight...?
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I understand where you are coming from...my BMI is 18/19. I wanted to be a certain "number in weight" but when I noticed that my body just wouldn't lose anymore, it's because my body is comfortable with how much I weigh now and if that's what it "wants to do" so be it. I used to weight 140 (female, 5'5) and got down to 108. I'm at about 115 now and that's where it stays. I almost CAN'T lose anymore. Don't stress about how much you weigh. Especially when, YES, you're actually UNDERweight. Remember that too. Worry about it, maybe, when you're in your 30s.
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