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Anyone Up for fitness challenge

Okay I was watching The Biggest Looser Australia Couples last night and they had to walk up an escalator which was travelling down for as long as they could -  Tiffanie the winner did it for an amazing 32 minutes!

So I thought I would challenge myself every day to do somethng I have not done before that is in my home, soomething that does not cost anything to do, but will increase my fitness which is currently pretty poor to be honest, and burn calories.

So todays challenge is to walk up and down stairs as many times as I can in 2 minutes......1 circuit is up and back down.... I have 14 steps.    (I was going to say 10 but I found that impossible lol)

Anyone going to join me on this challenge?
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My first attempt at this challenge I did 9 sets in 2 minutes... I was surprised how hard it was -  by set 4 my thighs were burning -  by set 7 my calves were hurting too.....

Im going to try and repeat this challenge a few times throughout the day -  see if I can improve on it.
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As I lost weight 4 times, due to my experience, the first 10 kilos should not be accompagnied by sport - otherwise you burn calories and you need to get them back. They say as well that if your BMI is less than 25 then sport could be an option, 'cause we are talking about several kilos loss, but for bigger thing we should be careful.  After 10 kilo training should be done gradually - to start from "gym" till more calory-burning sport.

Before I started my training after 10 kilos loss -  when you really feel you are lighter and for ex. push-ups are easier. But - all people are different.

Sorry - I need 3 more kilos to lose before I could join you!

Good luck!
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I dont consider a 2 minute challenge as being sport....but thats okay - we all have to do what we think is right for us.

Hope you are having a good day :) x
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