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Bowel stuff

Okay here is my question -  how much does constipation effect your weight?
I have IBs and can go up to 10 days without having a bowel movement of any kind...
I am currently on day 5 of not 'going' and wondered if that was affecting my weight yo yoing -  I am bloated and have a painful abdomen.
Sorry if TMI x
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I would think it might result in a extra pound or two. I mean that's a significant amount of fecal matter sitting there. Between the excess weight & the bloating from the IBS, it's not wonder you are a bit of a yo-yo at the moment.
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Well I finally was able to 'go' tonight -  so Im hoping to see some reduction in bloating overnight and a weight drop tomorrow.

Thing is like my mum used to say...pooo floats -  no weight to it...... lol
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I hope you are feeling better in the morning.

Poo floats? O.O
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Yep - it does not sink to the bottom of the toilet it floats lol - its cause the fat content maybe -  lol
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lol - Sorry if that was an odd or gross question. I don't have floating poo, so I don't think I had ever thought that some people do. lol

"You learn something new every day."
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How strange-  I guess we all think what we have is normal because we dont go around looking at or talking about other peoples poo -  so I just googled it...lol


I have IBS and frequently have the bloating from gas so maybe this is right lol.

Im pleased tonote I am not the only person who has thought about this though lol

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Actually I read somewhere that if your poo sinks in the water it means your not eating enough fiber. And not 'going' for days on end definitely adds weight. Not fat, just actual waste weight. If you try to invision all of the food youve eaten throughout the day, its probably at least a pound, and thats just for 1 day!
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I think you have to be right -  I have been quite regular (well for me) this week and I am seeing results again wooohooo x
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I need to take a laxative...cause Ive been irregular before the weight lost journey.
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