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Starting to lose weight

OK--so I have decided that I want to lose weight. Not a lot just 12 lbs. I know it doesn't sound like much but I have been struggling with about 20lbs since I had my 3rd child. I just can't seem to get back on track.  The problem is that I have very little self control! Saddddd but true. Anyway I am a nurse, so I am on my feet all day. I am in the military, so I do exercise regularly. I know what I should be eating--I just can't seem to make it happen. Today is the 2nd day that I have gone without soda or chocolate. Right now thats my first baby step. It was very difficult. So if anyone is still out there feel free to add any experience/encouragement you may have for me. T
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Well done -  its the baby steps that lead to the right choices :)

I am on day 15 of no choocolate and I am a HUGE chocoholic and could eaily and regularily devour 400g of milk chocoalte on an evening while watching TV -  I am the viewer who watches biggest loser while eating a tub of ice cream.......

The less weight you have to lose the harder it is to shift so the stricter you have to be with yourself  -  good luck and keep on going :)
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OK so I actually see some change. Its only been two weeks but my jeans are actually looking better. Here's what I did and what I want to keep doing.
1) I have been taking Cayenne pepper as well as calcium/mg/zinc
2) I have really been exercising and running a lot 5days /week
3) Sodas are rare--once or twice a week compared to every day
4)Try to stop eating so late--and eat sunflower seeds and yogurt every morn
SO THERE YOU HAVE it my friends or anyone listening I dont know exactly how much I lost if any--next post for sure. :)
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How's the no chocolate thing going?
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Its amazig that different things work for different people -  90% of weight loss is mindset and once you are in teh right mindset you can find out what works for you without getting discouraged along the way.

Feeling your clothes fit better is a huge motivator -  sounds like you are doing what works for you and you will see a difference on teh scales -  well done :)

I have surprised myself with the no chocolate and have been fine - Usually the longest I can go is a couple of weeks before I cave -  but I have had no desire to eat it at all. :)
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Someone at my job asked me if I have been losing wt! Plus I checked the scale and know that I lost 6 lbs! Awesome.
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Well done -  good job :)

Its really motivational when someone notices :)
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I have been moderatly dieting for a few weeks now, very little soda and very little chocolate...So I had a little backslide this weekend! At first I thought I was doing really good, so why not try to do even better? I decided to try to do the belly fat cure--you know the one where the guy says not to eat any sugar? WELL it worked for about 5-6 hours and then came the binge yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately I have not been able to recover  and continued drinking sodas and eating chocolate!! So I really want back on my little moderate diet and am hoping that tomorrow will be a new day.
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Its hard when you fall off the waggonbecause the emotinal rollercoaster makes you feel like you have failed - remember every day is a chance for a new start and stronger resolve -  infact every meal is a new chance.....

You can and will suceed -  remember its 90% about mind set :)
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