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ideas for healthy meal

I need some easy and quick ideas for healthy meals I'm started to eat the same thing all the time
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Great recipes.  The egg salad one could be used with tuna, as well.  When I make tuna salad, I add tuna, egg, onion, dill weed, mustard.  I usually use a tsp of mayo to moisten it with, but I'm going to try the Greek yogurt.  Thanks.
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one more quick simple recipe I have come to love is shrimp with vegetables in sundried tomatoes sauce:
this one is very very simple!
1 pound thawed shrimp
3-4 c. Frozen vegetable mix (I like the stir fry blend)
3/4 c. Lawry's Sundried Tomato Marinade

In a large skillet, saute shrimp and half the marinade sauce for about 5 minutes. Add frozen vegetables and the rest of the marinade right into skillet with  shrimp. On medium setting, cook all ingredients for another 5 to 10 minutes or until all the vegetables are tender. Makes a nice sized meal for two or three without all of the calories!
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Here's one I found that tastes great if you like egg salad! Greek yogurt egg salad

1c. Greek Yogurt
4 large eggs
.5-1 tsp dill weed (depending on taste preference)
Salt/pepper to taste
Whole wheat wrap or lettuce wrap

Boil, chop and peel all of the eggs. Mix together all ingredients in a bowl and add dill weed and salt and pepper according to taste preference. Place 1/4 mixture onto a whole wheat wrap or lettuce wrap and add tomatoes, spinach, avocado ect. Roll wrap into shape of burrito and enjoy! (Serving size is 1/4 the batch of egg salad) Helpful tip: If you make up the mixture the night before, the ingredients' flavors have time to blend together and I think makes it taste even better!
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