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A Physician's 10 Steps to Weight Loss!!!

Please join me in extending a very warm welcome to James G Beckerman, M.D.  He is a Cardiologist from Columbia Cardiology Associates, Portland, OR with training from Harvard Medical School and Stanford University.  

Dr. Beckerman is committed to helping patients find healthy solutions to prevent heart disease and improve their quality of life, takes a "whole patient" approach to both wellness and heart disease, and believes that small, incremental changes in lifestyle yield the most positive and long lasting results.

In this link, http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/97218  Dr. Beckerman has written an interesting and informative article with some straight-forward talk about weight loss.  He's given us some definite steps that, when implemented, will definitely aid in our weight loss efforts!

Check it out and let us know what you think!!!  Would love to have you share with us what steps you're willing to implement!

Sunshine wishes ..

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There is quite a bit of feedback on Dr. Beckerman's blog .. from a wide range of members ... many who are not active participants in the WL&D community.  You may wish to go check it out and read through them .. and feel free to reach out and invite them to join us here.  Remember, there is strength in numbers and the more members participating is the more information we can all share and learn from!


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Thank you for the informative article Dr. Beckerman.  I love the title of the article by the way...Eat Less. Do More. Repeat.  Short and to the point.  

The steps that I need to work towards myself are: Sleep (never enough), continue my newfound breakfast eating regimen, drink water, eventually eliminate soda entirely, eat soup (love it and very filling), do some sort of exercise activity every day, and continue with the food journaling.  I am excited about the upcoming food journal!  That should be extremely helpful to us on this journey.  

Again, thank you for the article Dr. Beckerman and welcome to our community!  We appreciate your input and assistance on our journey to weight loss success.
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Great article. The steps he mentioned look very easy to do, but in all reality, it takes hard work and dedication! If we really try, you can implement all of the steps!
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