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A Useful Resource for Home Cooks

In the fall & winter, I like to make a couple big kettles of soup: 1 beef stew and 1 chicken & rice or noodle soup. I freeze a bunch of single servings and have a "grab & go" meal when I'm too rushed or tired to cook. I hesitate to do so this year because I wouldn't know the calorie/nutrient values without doing a lot of laborious searching for each individual ingredients. My Dad wanted some, though, so I made it and guess what I then found online? A "Recipe Builder" that allows you to enter in the amounts/types of ingredients you use and then gives you a nutrition label for the entire recipe. It's not perfect (for example, it didn't have the scallions I use in its database and it had a higher salt content broth than I used) but it'll help you calculate an estimate of the calorie & nutrient content of your homemade food. So, for you home cooks: http://www.nutrientfacts.com/searchfood.exe?var=5&RB=1
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Spark People has one too that I regularly utilize.
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i say all u need to calculate in that is the flour, stock, and chicken. no need to calculate the veggies and seasonings. cuz they are all good for u
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Thanks much!  I struggle trying to "guess" when I prepare soups/casseroles.  This will really help.  
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