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Any Motivation?

I am young, 17, and I really need some motivation to start losing weight. Any mentors, tips, suggestions?
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Nutrisystem worked for me - I lost 40 lbs in 4 i/2 months!
motto: eat less move more
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its a life change. i believe most of it is in the head. you just have to make the right decisions at the time that you need to make it. usually the bad decision will make u regret it. and feel bad bout urself. so no that before your decisions in eating. start little

i started walking the dog 2 miles a day. then got into the gym when i felt comfortable enough not to feel embarrassed. now im a gym buff

buy a bike. the best work out ever and the weight comes off quick

eating wise. i always shot for under 2000 cals due to my high workout routines.slowly i started restricting things from my diet but not all once. first was beer, then fried foods, then salad dressing/ cheeses. now i only eat the healthy things

do what works best for you. u can read all day about other people but u have to do what it manageable for you so u dont fail
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I am proud of you for taking the first step! Losing weight can definately be a struggle, and no one should really be tryin on their own. Definately having a support system is helpful. First off, make sure that you make healthy choices. Don't buy into fad dieting or excercising routines. Weight Watchers is a great program, if you can afford it I would suggest starting there and starting to make healthier life style choices. Another thing is to watch out for the week or so that you don't lose weight. Don't get discouraged. Your body is making changes and it is just as hard for your body as it it for you. Drink plenty of water, and don't fall temptation to craving binges.

Good luck, I hope this helped out, at least a little bit!
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