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CHALLENGE POST - An Historic Day - A New Beginning

On this most historic day, with the inauguration of our 44th President of the United States, President Obama has shown us what can happen when we focus on our dreams, throw our doubts and fears aside, and work hard to achieve the dreams and aspirations that lie inside us.  Today, this nation saw the dreams of Martin Luther King come to life as the first African American was sworn into the highest office in the land.  At the time Martin Luther King dreamed of equality, how many people thought this could happen in our lifetimes ... in his lifetime had he not been assassinated???

We can learn lessons about our weight loss journeys from these men of history.  We can follow their lead and celebrate our physical and emotional goals of weight loss, healthy eating and moderate exercise and bring out renewed health if we will only Believe.

Just as there were battles along the way with Rosa Parks, Brown vs the Board of Education, the Freedom Movement, the voting rights act we must learn that there are battles that we will face along the way as well.  Some will be won and some will be lost ... it is our steadfast determination, faith in change and our persistent vigilence that will lead us to victory.  

You see, in our weight loss efforts, we not only learn how to make better eating and exercise choices, we begin to change our own outlook about what we truly want to eat and what exercise means to us.  As we select more proteins, complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy, our bodies learn that this is not only acceptable but you begin to crave those foods.  Slowly, the cravings for sweets, processed foods, chips, french fries and breaded and fried foods start falling to the wayside and are no longer our first choice.  They begin to be our last choice and one that, when selected, we do so in moderation and at longer intervals.  Exercise, while it can start out to be a dreaded word, becomes a way of life and one that we look forward to as a new adventure in experiencing all that life has to offer.

Just as President Obama called for each of us to be part of the change in our economy and our future, I ask each of you to be a part of the change in the health and well being of our futures.  Let's use this historic day as a landmark to join together and slowly change our own opinions of what is possible.  Let's make this year one we can look back on with success; that when this year ends we are better off healthwise than when we started.  You see, just like the changes that have now happened in our nation, it doesn't happen overnight, but those changes are most achievable with patience and diligence.

Though we sometimes feel this journey is too difficult or we feel depressed and saddened with small failures, do not allow those small battles to overshadow your goals.  Remember to Dream BIG and always, always look forward with the vision of your smaller, healthier, mobile, active self on the horizon and remember the dream Martin Luther King had for our country.  If his dream can come true ... then so can yours ... so let this be your motivation to never ever give up until your dream has blossomed into reality for all to see and rejoice with you!

I Believe in YOU!!!  This Community Believes in YOU!!!!  Together we can do this!
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I'm catching up on my challenge posts tonight and want to say....

Yes we can!
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Yes we can!
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