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CHALLENGE POST - MOVE a 4 Letter Word???

Congratulations to ALL who are working their own weight loss programs and who have elected to tie into this year-long challenge to learn some new things, share your journey and claim the POWER of TEAMWORK to MOVE in the right direction.

You owe yourself the best possible life and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, getting in shape and building our self-assurance and sure fired ways to feel better and claim your dream!  To achieve this, we will be working on both our physical and emotional health as they really are connected.  

When we say the word "MOVE" what initially comes to mind????  The "dreaded exercise"???  While we do want you to move, today we would like you to think of the word "MOVE" as in "MOVE" out of the way and let YOU have the best life possible!

No more thoughts of defeat, no more viewing yourself as too fat to do anything about it; push aside those old ways of thinking that hold us back from accomplishing our goals ... Grab onto this community, the friendship and information shared .. and TODAY let's claim our success by tackling ONE NEGATIVE THOUGHT!

Your Challenge today is to readjust your thinking cap, envision your success and shout out ONE or two NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that identify where YOU have stood in YOUR own way stopping you from achieving your goal.  Then, begin to think about how to overcome that ... just as if you were told that if you overcome that one obstacle you will win the lottery.  Do it with that kind of motivation and vision.

OK ... Ready ... Set ... GOOOOOOOOOO ... we're on our way ....
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When I think of MOVE, I think of getting out someone else's way since I am a slow walker.
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CAPABLE is my word.  
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When I hear MOVE I think of moving forward.

I shouted "TIME."  

I tend not to give enough time on the diet and exercise routine to give good results.
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When I hear MOVE I think of DANCING and JOY.

I shouted out "UNMOTIVATION". I know that's not a word but... oh well! It is what I shouted.

While I do what I need to do everyday, lack of motivation really bums me out. I love the accountability here and it's really kept me going longer than I've ever gone before (which is saying a LOT since I've only been here 2-3 weeks?).
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