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Confused about healthy eating choices...

Just chatting with a friend recently who has me all confused now about various healthy choices. Number one question, we've had 2 nutritionists tell us that for cholesterol issues its best to eat 2 egg yolks a week, however my friend who apparently does lots of her own research, says that the latest studies are actually showing that since egg yolks help bring up the good cholesterol its good to eat lots of eggs and not to limit yourself to 2 per week. What do you all think about this? We will continue to follow the nutritionists but just curious about this topic.

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They do say eggs are not as bad as they use to be or as they thought. I eat as many eggs as I want but don't eat very many. I think if you already have a cholesterol problem you might want to stay away from extra but other than that just don't fry them in butter. Eggs are one of those things that are good for you depending on what you do to them, like potatoes. I'll have to look this up.
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Studies have shown that eggs are not nearly so bad for us as was once thought.  I eat eggs whenever I want them also; and I do have high cholesterol at times.  My cholesterol goes up and down with my thyroid levels (thyroid levels down, cholesterol up and visa versa).  

Eggs and toast are one of my favorite breakfasts.  Since my day starts at 3:30 am, it's easy to fix, doesn't take long and doesn't require a lot of cleanup.  I usually keep some boiled eggs in the fridge and often I'll grab one of those; however, I also like eggs fried - I use mostly grapeseed oil to fry them in, but sometimes I switch to sesame oil.  Those oils contain monounsaturated fat, so are some of the "good" ones, unlike butter and other fats.  I do, however, eat butter on my toast; just not a lot.

Eggs are a major source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium, etc, so they pack a major nutritional punch without a lot of calories (70-90 calories each).  
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