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Im. 17 and my goal is to lose weight before SENIOR YEAR,  im new to this app but,  HAS ANYONE TRIED ZANTREX -3 from what i know,  amd experienced ot helps you loose 1 pound in a day,  have anyone  else had more results?  , comment for more fat stomach tricks
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I disagree, taking SOME diet pill will mess you up, which is why you bring all question, concerns, and comments to your PCP.  

BONTRIL worked, however it was very hard falling asleep, Adipex works even better, like once it's in your system about 2-3 days in, you will notice yourself begin to sweat walking from living to bath, or bed.  If you want something that works and you can actually see it work, is well worth the simple side effect of intense sweating (which is wonderful to sweat of that FAT), just make sure you drink plenty of water and Gatorade or powerade, because of all the sweating you are losing fat, along with electrolytes , and salts, and fluid. So good luck in your search, and be careful. Don't find yourself trying lots of different things, if you hear of something that sounds too good to be true IT IS. Including Lipozene. Make sure you keep your doctor involved in everything you do. Be blessed, and stay positive no matter what, I am a living witness you can lose the weight.

I may not have been severely obese but I had never been bigger than 135-136, and after my surgery and quitting smoking , within 1 1/2 years I was weighing 239, just started adipex 2 months ago, and last doctor visit Thursday gone I now weigh 209.... Not a lot to some, but I am extremely excited I'm finally watching the weight go.  Make sure also even if you don't join a gym, I didn't change my diet, I do make sure I stay very active outside in the heat for extra sweating, I wrap my stomach with Saran Wrap every other day, OH MY GOD!!!!!!  ;). You sweat even more in that area, if your stomach is like mine the only hard part is keeping the Saran from rolling up or down, so maybe get some help wrapping, you turn and hold stomach in as much as possible, while some else goes around your body top and bottom of stomach, you will know when it is enough.  God bless you d be safe.  Let me know how it goes @.    ***@****
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If it helps you lose 1lb in a day it doesn't sound good. If it's possible for you to lose that much weight in a day there will be some serious compromises to your body. The least physically appealing is having tons of gross excess skin! Focus on losing weight at no more than 2 lbs a week. It's frustrating to take it that slow when you want such rapid results but I promise you it'll be worth it!

You need to let your body adjust to the amount of calories you'll be taking in. If you drop weight fast, your body will still think it's at the weight you are now and force you to consume as much as you did at your weight now- causing you to gain weight rapidly back.

Trust me, I've been there several times.
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I know what it's like to be a teenager, looking to lose weight fast.  Don't take pills!   It will mess up your metabolism for life!!! Trust me!!! I was you 20 years ago.  
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I've never tried that one but I heard some bad reviews on it! I hear that it has side effects; headaches, nausea...
I tried a few others like green bean extract thing and raspberry keystone but to be honest, healthy eating and exercising had the best results for me personally.
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