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Diet Pills?

I've wanted to try some sort of diet pill that will either speed up my metabolism or reduce my appetite to help me lose weight along with my excercise (3-4 times a week). However, I'm hesitant to putting extra chemicals and whatnot in my body. Also, they tend to be expensive so I want to get something that actually works. Any suggestions??
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Hi Icapalleja.

Follow your instincts. Don't put any chemicals in your body!

Drink lots of spring water away from meals.

Use coconut oil instead of other oils and fats, because it is healthier AND
it converts fast to energy, instead of getting stored as fat!

Follow an alkaline diet, rich in fresh vegetables and salad greens, just go light on the dressing.

Avoid anything that says: low cal, diet, fat-free, low fat, sugar-free,etc.
They will just add more weight on your body in the end for sure!!!
These products are designed for marketing purposes and profits!!!

I purchase mostly ONE ingredient items from the supermarket, so I KNOW what's in my food,lol!

If you gain weight too easily, have your thyroid checked.
Ask and insist for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests!
The standard tests miss too often!!!

Good luck with your weight loss goals!

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Pill are usually the last resort. Just cut off juck food and stay active. to keep yourself motivated have a cheat day ones a month; if not is going to get really boring. Btw the pill that "increase your metabolism" is marketing ********. The metabolism you are born with it will chance during puperty, after that you will stay with it for the rest of your life, it does not increase if you take pills. You can help you metabolism, yes. but not increase the rate.
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I'm on a prescription phentermine and it works curbing my appetite!  It doesn't prevent you from putting food in your mouth but makes cravings go away portion control much easier and wiser food choices
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You should be aware that Phentermine is  prescribed to be used short-term
for people who are at increased medical risk because of their weight (obesity), as opposed to cosmetic weight loss.

It is a psychostimulant drug with similar action to Amphetamines.

I guess artificial chemical methods to implement cosmetic improvement,
for some reason don't sit very well with me.

Just my own personal view.

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