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Diet backfired. Problem losing weight

Due to some health issue, I cannot go for too much exercises for weight loss, so I thought I'd better start dieting. By even though I was following a strict diet plan (and always going hungry), recently when I checked my weight, instead of being reduced, it has been increased. It's 100 kg now which is really appalling to me. Though I'm already considering getting checked to find out the real reason behind weight gain, but I'm confused why the dieting backfired? What diet is best for my weight?
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You need to exercise, otherwise you'll never know the beauty of life. Try to start to use meal replacements (a huge selection presented on the site http://weightlosstop.com/ ) and at least twice a week to start going to the gym. Further into the rules a run every morning.
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Here are you site  where you can find sopplements: http://weightlosstop.com/
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