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Exercise Roll Call

What are YOU going to do to add a little activity to your day???  Walking and enjoying a spring day?  Running and preparing for a marathon?  How about swimming?  Aerobics anyone?  

Let's see how varied we can make our choices and give each other some ideas!  

Oh .. and don't forget to record this on your exercise tracker!
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I am not doing anything today because I might have a blood clot in my leg. I go today at 1pm for an ultrasound of my leg to rule out DVT. If they don't find anything, I might play on the Wii Fit tonight!
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**Update** Just had my ultrasound, and I am blood clot free! The doc does not know the source of my leg pain so we are giving it a few days!!
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Im just at work now. It's raining outside, yesterday too. Plus it's so humid, too yucky to walk. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll start walking again. This weekend is going to be great!!! Sunday is suppose to be in the 80's!!!
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I did my 30 day shred just a bit ago and i plan on walking 2nite b4 dark when it cools down! It's going to be a burning 95 degrees here today YUCK! Swimming sounds really good DH's cousin has a pool but i dunno when we will go again takes alot of gas to drive over there!
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Now I'v been passed as fit i can get back to the gym, its funny how when i was going before i had to force myself to go, then after the heart attack i couldnt go and i really wanted to, now im looking forward to going, I'm just gratefull that Im still here and that i have my health so that i am able to exercise.
I will start off slowly doing 3 days a week in the gym then the other 2 days i will do aqua arobics. saturday and sunday we have the 5 yr old grandson so i get plenty of exercise there.
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Now that the weather is reasonably dry, Elaine and i take our Grandson for some woodland walks at the weekends. I still go to my action heart 3 nights a week, and walk around the Park by work of a lunchtime.
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There is an exercise room on the premises of my apartment complex, free to residents.  It's not as nice as a gym, some of the machines are older etc., but the price is right!

I alternate using the stair machines, elliptical, and treadmills for cardio.  I do anywhere from 30-60 minutes of cardio.  Every few days, I use the weight machines for my arms and shoulders.  I do 3 sets of 12 reps.  

I sometimes also do low-impact dance aerobics in my apartment.  I also own a small trampoline that I can bop around on (I don't actually catch air, just sort of jog in place on it).  I have some hand weights and resistance bands, but I use them less often.  I have a yoga DVD still in the plastic--I should really give it a try!

I don't exercise everyday, but I try.  I sometimes have fatigue and health issues that make it difficult to work out, but most of the time, if I can get myself started, I find that it makes me feel better.  I have systemic inflammation, and exercise helps a lot with my stiffness and comfort (at least temporarily!).

I'm on medications that increase my sensitivity to the sun, plus I'm on the fair side, so if I do go out walking, I wait until evening or put on a good spf (30+).  

I've been working out for about a year now, and I can really tell that my endurance has gone up which is a great feeling.  I just wish I could be as diligent with my eating and portion control!!!
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