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HELP! bad fat around belly but cant shift it?

I would love to know how the people around me can eat really bad all their life and be a slim size 8 and i who have been a health nut my whole life eat really healthy and exercise and somehow have ALWAYS been overweight, extremely overweight for the food i eat?i need to loose 2 stone!

i exercise 60 mins cardio of some type 3 times a week and once a week do 60 mins of weights.

here is an example...... i know diets are never good but i got fed up and thought id try the kellogs special k jeans diet and i put on HALF A STONE in 2 WEEKS! so quickly stopped and went back to my normal eating habits but couldnt get rid of the half stone i put on:

my doctor doesnt believe me when she looks at my food diary.....and has before,suggested to start to introduce a few veg and fruit into my diet and try to, bit by bit, cut out JUNK! if you look below at my normal diet id love to know where the JUNK is and how much fruit and veg someones ment to eat! its like she ignored it and just couldnt believe.My boyfriends the one who lives with me day to day for 5 years and he's very fit and a health nut and he's just as confused and my frustration frustrates him too specially as he cant help and normally he would know exactly what to do when it comes to diet and exercise!

here is what i normally eat:

breakfast:       either porridge with skimmed milk and a glass of water and a cup of green tea
     or              scramled egg, just 1 egg.one slice of wholemeal toast no butter " drinks
     or              slice wholemeal and pure peanut butter not the type you buy in shops,Its off my protien.com just peanuts blended ( when i have this for breakfast i dont have nuts for a snack i just have fruit)
snack: nuts and seeds about 4, prunes about 4 (because of digestion problems i have) ....or..... fruit

Lunch:            fruit and yogurt often melon and pro biotic .....or....
                     chicken salad wholemeal wrap with rocket peppers and cucumber.......or......
                     a fiber type cerial organic no added salt sugar with fruit and semi skimmed milk.........or.....
                     chicken or tuna salad...........or.........soup.......or........noodles with steamed brocolli,beans or asparigus and chilli flakes with onions mushrooms

dinner: some form of meat or fish with veg

and to add to this my portion sizes are small half a "normal persons" portion

to add again everyone i work with who i have been working with now for 5 years thought when i first started working there i had a eating problem and was starving myself when this is actually just what iv been brought up on and how i eat. i always have dinner as my smallest meal and dont eat carbs after 6 at all.

so why do i steadily over the years put on weight, why am i so overweight?specially around my stomach my ankles and wrists look so boney and skinny and my belly is soooo overweight! thats asociated with people who eat JUNK and lots of suger?thats not me!
worst of all this is the worst type of fat to have for all sorts of deases and the hardest type of fat to get rid of because its under muscle or hard or something vascular fat i cant remember but basically BAD FAT.when anyone else who would eat my normal diet would be considered as "on a diet" and would loose weight?
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Just to add, because I forget that this is always a good question to ask: Are you even overweight? Or are you freaking out over a small amount of belly fat?

If you're a healthy weight, you have to consider that we all have unique DNA. Some people will never be really thin, unless they starve themselves, which isn't healthy. And some people will never gain, no matter what they eat.

I hate to go down this road, but I see so many young women throwing fits over not having a movie star body. Let's all stop comparing ourselves to others. There will always be someone thinner or better looking than us, so body competition is a quick path to despair.

You're eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Those other girls that eat what they want and yet remain slim....don't worry about them. Those bad eating habits WILL catch up to them, I promise.
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I think you may mean visceral fat. Hmmm, it even sounds mean.

Have you been checked for thyroid problems? And I don't mean just a TSH test. I mean, a full thyroid screening. You also should be checked for Hashimotos as well.

Hypothyroidism is becoming a much bigger problem than most doctors are willing to admit at this point. Many people go undiagnosed. You may need to be your own advocate here, because a lot of doctors keep pulling the same old song and dance: "Eat less, exercise more." That usually works, but it will not work if your thyroid is malfunctioning. (Hypothyroidism would also cause visceral fat.)

Also, do you have any issues with diabetes, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, or PCOS? These all can cause unnatural weight gain.
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