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Hcg symtoms

Does anyone know if it is normal to have breast tenderness while doing the hcg diet shots? I also am not losing weight as fast as they claim, in fact I have only lost 5 pounds in almost 2 months. The clinic I go to does not do the 500 calorie diet, they just require you eat no bread, wheat and pasta. I'm becoming very frustrated and discouraged because I have done all they ask and losing no weight.

Discouraged in Az.,
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You can't consider this as something that you will be able to continue doing for the rest of your life.  What will happen when you stop this diet and try to go back to eating normally, as I'm sure you will one day?  

By using a sensible diet (500 calories is basically a starvation diet) and moderate exercise, you can make changes that will stay with you from now on.  
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I have been doing the HCG diet on my own for three weeks now and I have lost 10 pounds. I bought the injections online. I am doing the 500 calories a day, drinking a gallon of water per day, drinking oolong tea, &  yerba mate tea. The 500 caloris consists of 100 grams of meat for lunch with a salad (or green beans, aspargus, brocoili) and the same for dinner. Plus two apples per day, usually one mid morning and one mid afternoon. I have cheated a few times in three weeks and everytime I do, I go up a couple pounds then want to kick myself becasue it is that much longer it will take to get to my ideal weight. With that said I do believe for this diet to be successful you need to follow the true HCG diet plan. You can find the full plan online and print it off for free. I also have been buying as much organic foods as possible. It is not easy, but if you are serious about losing the weight you will get use to the 500 calories per day and if you do cheat will actually feel phycically miserable after doing so. Also if my meat is just a little over the 100 grams I do not worry about it, or if I want a bigger sales than just a hand full then I eat it. As long as your calorie count is close to the 500 you will still lose the weight. The big think is cutting out ALL fast food, sugar, bread, pasta, & artifical sweeteners. Good luck to you!
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THe HCG diet is not something I would recommend to you if you want to lose weight permanently. As far as I know it does more harm to your body than any good.

If you wanna lose weight slowly but gradually and feel great go back to the old fashioned way as most of our community members do.

They eat moderatley and healthy, exercise and keep them motivated by interacting on this forum,
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