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I have to loose 13, now 17 pounds before I can go into Bariatric surgery. My problem is no matter how much walking or how I eat I can not loose the weight unless I am totally stressed(and I would rather not have my mother around). I have 5 more months to do it in or surgery is off. I have to meet with a nutrientist once a month and recently found out I have Diabetes Type 2. So my problem is how in the heck do I loose it without starving myself? Pills havent helped and neither has centers.
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No butter on toast all no sugar drinks black coffee only no white flour anything including rice nothing fried ever walk during lunch every day at work you will see results maybe you won't need surgery and can get off insulin I'm praying for you
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Hi there,
Losing weight if you are suffering from diabetes type 2 may help you in several ways, it will help you to lower your blood sugar, maintain blood pressure, and prevent heart attack, kidney failure and other serious complications. For weight reduction eat frequent small meals. It is best to eat lots of fruits and non-starchy green veggies. Drink lots of water every day. Lack of sleep makes you physiologically stressed resulting in fat storage. Stress makes a person eat more to compensate and leads to production of hormone cortisol that stores fat. Have a good sleep and stay away from stress. Continue with your exercises. A calculative and disciplined approach will be really helpful. Do keep us posted.
Good luck!
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