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Hi Red2008 and all

Hi everyone.

I have been a lurker here - but haven't posted at all. Just stopping by wondering if anyone has a found their secret to getting there weight down yet?

I have been doing a very simple thing that has lowered my weight by 8 pounds. Counting calories. I wanted to go one a diet similiar to the one my doctor may be giving me with adding an additional treatment plan. I am not very found of what he is suggesting - so I thought I would see if the diet I would need to do with it - may give me the results I am looking for.

Basically I am trying to eat at least four times a day and maintaining only at most 1100 calories. OMG is this a challenge.  I literally am counting every single thing and then deciding if I could gain more food elsewhere by making a better choice. I drink a glass of water before each meal. I eat very small portions of food.

I have not been hungry - yet I am making such limited choices.

Not sure if this is the right plan - but I do feel better watching what I am taking in.

So my poll below is about all of you. I love these things and hope it is OK I post one here. The poll is basically about how you are doing on your weight loss.
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Hi, I picked #2 myself. I have been watching but little posting have had so much going on with upcomming holiday. decorated and getting my house ready and then I have to plan dinner for Thursday I am cooking for the first time....well you know for everyone.
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HI! well im not sure what to pick just yet cus i have not weighed myself it has only been one week but as soon as i can and have a # then i will know if im happy about it or not! I agree it is very hard to sit there and count every single calorie and then be OMG i'm gonna eat too much but as Ranae said 8lbs is very good to lose so i think you are doing ok and should keep up what you are doing! Ranae has also mention you might want the calories between 1200-1400 that might help too. Are you doing the calorie counter online? that will help and tell you if you are missing or gaining too much you know fats carbs,fiber etc.. but if you are saying you are not hungry then you are probably ok also!!

Suzie-You said you were doing the south beach diet? So it does work? i bought just the wraps to see if i like them and if they help me from being hungry! I love chicken cheese and tortillas so i thought they would be good to try!! I thought this was a sensible meal but i read the fast food places that the wraps are at least 500 calories!! So if i stick to the store ones its 250 calories!! Also do you have an idea where they hide the rest of south beach stuff in the store it seems to be scattered i wanted to try the sandwiches but didnt see them and there was so south beach stuff next the weight watchers or any of those!
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I am not in a diet , but definitelty wud recommned you the second option - the healthiest of all! The best way to go about it is to set short term goals like 1-2lbs a week and work on it..It can be along journey but definely a rewarding one! By the time you meeet your goal you will be a weight loss guru!

You learn loads of things about food,exercise, lifestyle choices and actually you wud be educating yourself and getting in to very healthy mindset!

So even though sometimes the jounry is slow and hard, you got to keep trudging forward with all you got! You have nothing to be afraid of! We all are here to support and motivate each other! So go for the healthy way!
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I picked number 2.  I just started about a week ago.  Have lost 3.2 pounds.  Its something.  Just trying to make smarter decisions with my eating habits.  NO more bags of potato chips LOL!  Never had a sweet tooth though thank god.  Just a salty tooth which isn't any better.  Going to the gym today again.  Hopefully my little one won't mind their kids room for an hour.

I am hoping to see some more weight shed off or some inches.  GOOD LUCK!!!

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Hi Stella ~ Bless your heart .. you are making the choices and bringing about your success!   8 Lbs is A m A z I n G ! ! !  

I chose the second one, it is the best option for where I am.  I am only half-heartedly following my plan.  I keep "playing" rather than kicking it into gear.  Some of it comes from being "ok" with my size and comfortable in my skin .. no longer the "urgency" I have felt over the last few years ... some of it is stress and pushing the limits .. but I WILL NOT go backwards.

When doing as I know to do, and am committed to do, I eat 6 small meals a day because it keeps me feeling fuller longer and it keeps my metabolism working throughout the day.  My calories usually range between 1,300 - 1,400 but I've gone as low as 1,100 and up to 1,500 depending on how I feel.  Now, if I don't exercise, the weight comes off pretty slow .. if I do exercise, it comes off quicker.

So glad you feel better and watching what we take in, no matter what the plan, leads to success!  Thanks for posting and sharing .. glad to see you not lurking .. loll ;)

Many hugsss .. hang in there and keep up the wonderful progress!!!  You CAN do this!!!
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I picked the first one!  YES, THE FIRST ONE!  the SOUTH BEACH diet plan.  I have lost 12 pounds in a little over 5 weeks.  I have slowed down a bit, because I went to phase 2 which says it will slow down, but I am able to enjoy my carbs also which keeps me honest!  I have been struggling for so long and reached my highest weight of 148 pounds back in September/October.  I am only 5'1" so it was very uncomfortable and had to buy new clothes in big sizes.  I am down to 136 and want to get down to about 125-128.  This plan has been working great for me!
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I picked the second one - it is coming down slowly but I will get there.  Stella, you might want to take a look at Ranaesheart's journals.  She has one on breaking a plateau that you might find very useful.  Good luck and welcome!
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I picked #2, even though the wording sounds so pessimistic!

I've been "stuck" lately, though I don't think it is my plan's fault.  Hopefully I'll start losing more weight soon, but for now I am trying to be patient with my situation and content to have lost what I have so far.

I think lots here will agree, if you lose too quickly, you're at higher risk to yo-yo and regain the weight.  I understand you sound motivated by your doctor.  Do you know how much weight and how soon your doctor wants you to lose?

Good luck!
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I picked the second one.

It's been about three weeks on this. I am happy I lost - but eager to see if I can get it down before I move into the treatment my doctor is suggesting.
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