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Coming to join you guys/gals on the wonderful journey of losing weight. Blah!!! It's been hard for me in the past, and now it's going to be hard again. I've set a goal of 25 pounds to get rid of in the next five months. A little history, I just found out today, unfortunately, that I'm not pregnant. I have a wonderful son who will be one in just 7 short days, and my husband and I tried for three months to get pregnant again. We have to strop trying for a while because we are stationed in S Korea and next May we leave for who knows where, so I don't want to be to far along to fly, or have a very young new born. So...here's to the next five months of kicking my rear trying to lose this weight. I've tried some diet pills, and haven't been successful in sticking to a specific diet, and definitely don't count calories. I have tried some diet pills in the past including Hydroxycut. Any one have any great success stories with Hydroxycut? I lost 3 pounds in 11 days without diet or exercise, but I've been warned that it can come right back on when you stop taking it. So any successful stories with any specific weight loss program or just weight loss on your own in general would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome! I cut my calories to 1500 a day, and I have seen great progress since then :-) Are you able to exercise?
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By the way I'm 5 foot 4 inches, and currently between 170-175. I've had a hard time losing baby weight with my son due to back issues from the spinal they gave me for my c-section with him.
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