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How much is too many carbs to lose weight?

I was wondering what is the typical number that you should be below to lose wieght if you want to eat a low carb diet?? What is the daily amount? Thank you.
HOw much Protein should I get a day? Isn't it like 60-80mg?? Thanks
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Typical Atkins induction diet limits carbs to 20g per day for the first 2weeks, but if you don't follow that then usually anything under 80g gives good results. It HAS to be from low-GI veg/fruits/nuts/etc though, no processed stuff. And remember to drink enough water, it really is essential!
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Thank you. I am going to talk to my nutritionist when I go for my 5 year gastric bypass surgery follow up. I am just worried that I am eatting too many for the day is all! :)
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I did find this somewhere on a US University Health website, and it made total sense...I'm looking for it again but can't find it. It had a min of each, as well as reasons why. I think it was minimum in grams of 48 Carbs, 28 protein, 12 fat and 16 or 18 fibre. As far as I remember the reason for that amount protein was that less than that/day caused various effect, including death of braincells :) There are lots of theories all over the Net. You just have to look and do your research, and see what makes sense and works for you. Using that as a basis, I did drop from 145KG to 122kg in 7,5 months - about 50 Lb's, and another 9kg the next year. IF anyone finds the link please post.
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