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How to lose weight?

I'm 14 and I really need to lose weight. I have tried going on a diet and not eating a lot, but that would be a bad thing to try now that I'm PMSing. I always fail at dieting. Anyways, does anybody have some exercises or suggestions on how to lose weight at home. I also currently have a broken wrist, so nothing that will affect that. Also, I am not gonna go to any type of gym or anything and I don't really wanna do anything around the neighborhood because there are bad people around. Please help.
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First off are you overweight (15lbs or more) or are you more concerned about staying in shape? Either way you are very young and your body will respond to any slight changes you make in your diet and exercise program. Fore example, do you drink soda, eat chips, candy or cookies? If you do eliminate those foods because they are not doing anything positive for your body. When you give your body the proper nutrition and are active most of the day you will keep a healthy weight at your age. If you are eating properly like drinking your eight glasses of water, drinking milk, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat (chicken, turkey) and fish and you are active and are still gaining alot of weight or not losing any weight then you should see a doctor so that he/she can run test to see if you have any underlying conditions. You DO NOT need to be engaging in any strict exercise/nutrition program at your age unless you are 30lbs or more overweight. To keep a healthy weight just move your body. You can jump rope and hula hoop. If you Jump rope for 30min and hula hoop for 30 min you can burn 1200 calories or more. These are very effective exercises and they are fun too for someone as young as you. Also do 100 jumping jacks a day this will also keep you in good shape. You can also dance. There are many different dance DVDs you can try. Here are a list of dance DVDs from amazon.com

Cosmo Girl! Get Fit and fab with Jillian Michaels:

Cheeracise: Twilight - Dance Fitness Aerobics

Teen Tone: Extreme Dance Workout

Fitgirl: Dance Moves - Kids and Teens Fitness

Sabrina Bryan: Byou - The Hot New Dance Workout (2005)

Ballerobica - Fun and Exciting Ballet Based Workout

My Personal Trainer: Bellydance Fitness

If you want a jump rope workout kit and a hula hoop workout kit try these:

Jump Into Fitness: The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout:

Hoopnotica Fitness Travel Hoop Combo Kit (incl. Weighted Hula Hoop, Carry Strap, Level 1 Hoopdance DVD):

Resistance exercise is also very important. If you want to increase your height (since you are still young) or strengthen and tone your muscles you should try yoga and pilates. For toning your muscles I would try these DVDS:

TeenPilates DVD

TeenYoga DVD

At http://www.beetwixt.com you will also find info on getting fit and nutrition for teens.

You should also check out this book: The Diet for Teenagers Only

This book gives you proper advice on nutrition which you have to include with your exercise routine.

As always speak to your doctor before you start any exercise or diet program. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Best of Luck!

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The key to losing weight is exercise.
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Workout seriously isn't only a technique to enable you to drop some weight rapidly. An exercise routine plan will benefit nearly any kind of component of the way of life. Also minimum workout every week may result in large modifications in the entire health and wellbeing and fitness level. Cardiovascular exercise is usually a marvelous approach to get rid of extra fat and provide you with a healthier heart. People that workout often have numerous bodily advantages from all those training that they are likely to have less incidents of a lot of chronic ailments too. Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and in some cases many forms of cancer are much less widespread in people that exercising.
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I am a visitor to this forum however I thought I may have some input for you what has always worked for me, I found I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked out, mostly power /speed walking, (yes its fun)  also step climbing, beware exercise at this level can be addictive but it sure works, and I was the healthiest I have ever been, I never ate a lot of junk but didnt have a liking for ice cream, yes who hasnt, and I will confess I was brought up on a high Fat diet, my mom baked a lot......so I say to you do as much exercise as you can, start off slowly if you live near any steps , go for it , I would do 189 steps up and 189 steps down, on the Famous steps at Adelaide Drive Santa Monica ...every morning 5 days a week , up and down 10 times.Family members admired my muscular legs(they looked like a Navvy's ) I made sure I had always got carrots and little snacks in the fridge, yoghorts and plenty of tasty healthy treats, The weight will fall away , and it will ,trust me become a habit , hey you meet great folks aswell, I would bump into Mark Harmon regularly on my ups and Downs....Good luck
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hey lady...im 15 and i have the same problem...
im not overweight but a girl is never happy with herself lol so i wanna lose weight myself.
im a bout 4'9" and about 115 lbs...i'd like to get down to 110 or under so just remember you're not alone...
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You shouldnt worry about that at 14 however if you are overweight (I dont know how much you weigh) you should work at it.

#1. No matter how happy you are with your weight, if you have had a problem, you most likely will gain it back once you are satisfied. Therefore, keep working out to STAY in shape.

#2. Always keep a good posture. This will strengthen your back muscles and will help with your workouts.

#3. If you wont go to the gym, and cant walk outside, #3, #4, #5 are for you. Always (all day long) clench as many muscles as you can while doing other things. Bum muscles, tummy muscles, back, neck and leg muscles.

#4. Do sit ups at home while watching TV.

#5. Make extra trips up and down the stairs as fast as you can. (dont trip!)

#6. Get a yoga ball and do exercises with that such as holding it between your feet while laying on the floor and lifting it over your body with straight legs. Lay on your back, knees bent with it between your feet and bring your knees to your chest. You can find more exercises with a ball online.

Good luck, and dont be discouraged.
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