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I cant get my motivation

I've been trying for months to try to get my motivation back to get back in shape. I've gained over a 100 pounds in the last 2 years. I've lost all my motivation and cant seem to get back. I know everything  i need to do to lose the weight but i cant seem to take that first step. Its like i'm scared what will happen if i do it. Any words of wisdom would help a lot. Thanks
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I feel your pain, I really do coz I've been there just a few months back. I don't have any magic beans or drops of knowledge to share, but I can tell you what's worked for me so far. Find someone who will take up the challenge with you. Its a lot less scary when you're not going through the process all alone. In my case, my boyfriend (who needs to lose a not a few pounds himself) has gone on this roller coaster with me. Find a friend, cousin, neighbor, or post an ad online to find people near your area who will be your accountability partner.

Watch his progress, protect his progress, and you will find that when you concern yourself with others, you will reap the benefits too.



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Get yourself a goal and a treat... bribe yourself -  

For me to be motivated I have a final outfit I want to get into -  I am currently 181.6lbs (lost 67lbs a year or so back and then stopped) and want to be 154lbs by Christmas Day-  thats my target.. and my goal.

In between I have set myself little goals and bribes... every week that on a Sunday I am below my target line on the weight tracker on here I will reward myself with either a meal out who cares how much I eat or a big tub of ben and jerry's ice cream and a movie.

It is hard to stay motivated because how ever hard I work my body has a habit of a lot of fluid retention and so my weight loss is both slow and up and down... if you check out my tracker you will see compared to my calorie intake my weight loss is minimal at best... but I am deternined to be a new woman by christmas lol.

good luck and start today and set weekly, or even daily goals you can reward yourself with....
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I hear ya. I have gone from a blue jean pant size of 34 to a 38 over the past 3 yrs. I am 37 and I blame all of my late night eating. Not to say that is what u are doing, but I just don't sleep at night.. I flip through the channels until about 2 am and see so many reality shows and other movies and say to myself, "I should look like that or that or that" I see so many fit people and decide almost nightly to start exercising and eating right. My wife is an excellent cook and cooks only healthy foods, but at 2:15 am, I am creeping into my son's cookie jar- Then I tell myself, I am going to start tomorrow....

Not much of a motivator am I

I've decided to lay off the junk food and quit being so lazy... Want motivation, look at the health risks involved- I don't know if you are like me, but its a matter of getting off my azz and exercising...

My motivation thus far has been to keep a close watch on the scale and don't fall for the weight loss gimmicks.

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