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I hate doing exercises

What can I do to lose weight without exercises?
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Doing cardiovascular exercises like jogging, elliptical training, and aerobics are not only good for losing weight - they're essential for health. These kinds of exercises make your heart and muscles stronger, and when it comes to weight loss, is almost essential. Eating healthy, low-calorie foods only gets you so far, and diet fads and advertisement scams don't work.
In addition to losing weight, exercising will help lower your blood pressure, decrease stress, increase your LDL (the good cholesterol in your blood, which helps decrease the bad stuff!), and increase heart and lung function.
I'd suggest finding something would enjoy doing - bike riding in a park, going on nature hikes, taking a brisk walk, or swimming. Think outside the box! All of these activities can actually be fun - they don't have to be a chore.
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     Dance / Play with young kids/ Play with animals
      Sleep 6 to 8 hours a night. stay up though the day.
      Breathe in though your nose all the way (you should fell it in your belly)         Breathe out your mouth all the way. Relax while you are doing it.
      When you go to the store park way in the back them take the cart all the way back in to the store. Bring your packages in one at a time.
When you doing your laundry put it on the floor in front of the washer, pick up one thing at a time left it up and put it in the washed, put it in the dryer one thing at a time, pull it out of the dryer one thing at a time stand up strait shake it out, after you fold it put it away 1 thing at a time.
Use steps not elevators, go up steps fast - go down slow.  
Mop your floors on your hands and knees; wash right hand rinse left hand   "Wax on Wax off" like in "Karate Kid"

Good Luck
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