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I need a little help...

I'm 15 and about 5'8 and 1/5 and I weigh about 185 lbs. I know I should be way below this! But I need tips on how to stayed focused cause I will usually start a diet then give up by mid week... Any help or tips?
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Set some realistic and achievable goals like losing 2 pounds in 2 months. Take breaks from your daily exercise routine and meal plans. Eat foods you like for a day or two. Maintain a weekly success journal. .

Hope that help!!!!
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Normally in your age it's really difficult to stay focus and how to avoid food temptations.

According to the experts, these are the four leading causes of diet dropout:
1. Choosing the Wrong Diet

Diet Success Tip: Diets that work are diets that last. Don't think of your eating plan as a "diet" you can go on and off of. Choose a healthy plan that fits your lifestyle -- one that you can see following for the rest of your life.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Diet Success Tip: You might not fit into those skinny jeans, but keep in mind that losing even a little weight goes a long way toward improving your health.

3. Dieting Without Exercise

Diet Success Tip: Exercise does not have to happen in a gym - try gardening, dancing, walking, bike riding, or playing tennis, whatever you enjoy. Start slowly and gradually increase your intensity.

4. Not Changing Your Environment

Diet Success Tip: Seek support from your family, friends, and co-workers. And, Wyatt suggests, remove temptations wherever you can. Stock your kitchen with nutritious foods so you have ingredients on hand for healthy meals and snacks.

Experts offer these additional weight loss tips:

1. Keep track of your progress.
2. Jump-start your weight loss
3. Make small, gradual changes
4. Reward yourself
5. Forget about "dieting."
6. Identify what led to your
7. Don't get discouraged if you regain
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