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I need help with a diet plan!

I don't even know where to start. What is a healthy diet for me to do? I mean, I know there are certain ways to do it for certain body types, weights, heights, bmi, activeness, ect. If you know alot about this stuff, please help me?

My info:
Weight - 236
Height - 5'6
BMI - 36
Activity level: Planning on walking every morning for 15 minutes once I figure out a diet. But for now, it's just the exercise I get from cleaning up around the house, and taking the dogs outside. I'm not a couch potato, but I'm not an extreme work out kind of gal either.
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First - can I ask how you got from 130 to 236? If this was done in a fast way you might want to talk to your dr about getting your thyroid tested. Make sure you ask for Free t3 and t4 testing because they're much more reliable at showing what the thyroid is doing than the regular TSH test. There are also several other possibilities that could cause excessive weight gain, and you really need to talk this over with your dr because they can make it harder to loose weight.

It's hard to know where to start so I think for now, your best bet is to do a slow move. For me I went from an pretty unhealthy, irregular diet filled with packaged foods and soda to an extremely regular diet of only fresh foods. Many things in boxes have a lot of junk in them so I suggest moving away from frozen dinners, boxed packages, and pretty much anything in a wrapper. This move helped me to figure out when I should be eating and what, at 235 lbs I was eating about 1650 calories, exercising (swimming laps, well learning how to swim laps) 2 times a week, and loosing about 1.5 lbs a week. Over time I have had to get more serious. Add harder exercise and a little less food. Now this is just works for me.

Personally, when it comes to dieting my advice is a balanced diet. Don't starve yourself of anything or eat only out of a box such as lean cuisine because they don't teach you. You need to learn correct portions and how to manage temptations. So I disagree with the carb-free diets and those that say avoid this that or the other thing like the plague. Treats are fine, but know a good treat from a bad. I have frozen purree mango ice blocks in my freezer. All they are are fruit but they satisfy a sweet tooth nicely. For chocolate I usually go for a very dark chocolate because it satiates the craving without me going overboard. I strongly believe that trying to rid yourself of ever eating these kinds of foods set you up for failure. What you need is a lifestyle change, so that you never gain this weight back.

For now, I suggest trying to eat 3 meals with 2 snacks in between. These snacks can be yogurt, cheese, fruit, nuts, boiled eggs, etc. Personally I try to keep them around 100-150 calories, but that's what fits into my over all diet plan. As far as the meals themselves go make sure you have some form of protein, fats, and carbs in every meal. So for example my breakfast is old fashioned oats with almond meal and blueberries. Before I added the almond meal I felt sluggish and tired until lunch came around (which always has meat in it). Fat is needed just as much as anything else - in less quantities of course, but it's just as important which I got to learn first hand. Without enough (good) fat in my diet I felt like yuck. Anyways, a good visual que for how much of what you should be eating is to imagine a dinner plate. Half of it should be stuffed with veggies, for you need about 5 serves of them a day. The other half should be 1/4 lean protein (poultry, fish, nuts, beans, dairy, etc.) and 1/4 whole grains (brown rice, whole grained bread, wild rice, barely, etc.). Also try to drink between 1 and 2 liters of water in a day. I know that sounds like a ton, but keep a 1 liter bottle on you and do your best to fill it once a day. It's pretty late so I'm sorry if I'm starting to ramble or make little sense. But good luck.

Remember, weight never comes on over night so it cannot leave that fast. (No matter how much we wish it would.)

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I also forgot to mention, I'm planning to get down to 130lbs, it's above the prefered weight for my height and size, but I felt so good when I weighed 130 in the past, and I dont like being too skinny.
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