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I need help

I am looking to loose 24 pounds by the end of may or early June. My weight loss average a week is about five pounds. I'm 15 and would like someone to loose weight with for motivation. Thank you. (:
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At 15, your body is not fully developed yet, so you need to be careful losing too much weight, too quickly.

The first thing you need to do is determine that you really NEED to low 24 lbs, but calculating your BMR, and going from there.

I agree that 5 pounds/week is too much.  Safer, more reasonable is 2 pounds/week.

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Hi Meggiemariee,

I just read your comments. It's already April 23rd. You say your average
weight loss is about five pounds. That's an awful lot in one week, Meggiemariee. Instead of putting that kind of pressure on yourself,
i.e. your goal of losing 24 lbs by the end of may or early June.
That's too much weight in such a short period of time. I would not advise it.
More realistic is about 2 lbs per week, that's still a good amount of weight
loss and this amount won't put your body in shock. Losing too much weight
too soon is not safe. If you lose weight more slowly, you're more likely to
keep the weigh off. I wish you well.  Evewisewoman :)
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