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I need to change it's time?

I need help I wont go into great detail about myself but I have been having problems since I turned about thirty.  I am now 35 years old I am 6 ft. tall and weight about 215 lbs. with a belly measurement (around the level or line of my belly button) 40 inches.  I started working out a few times but seem to lose interest and or have no ambition to complete my workouts so I quit like so many people have.  This has killed my self esteem.  I am on blood pressure pills, I have back and neck problems which if I push I know I can get through the pain.  I am being treated for the back and neck problems.  (car accident several years ago)  broken vertebrae, and disk problems.  When I turned 30 or 32 I started having panic attacks which cause issues with working out as well in regards to heart rate.   As soon as I sense my heart rate increasing it is difficult at first to get used to because that relates back to my initial panic attacks.  Anyway lots of excuses and no more bs.  I want to be fit and get back to what I used to be I used to ride mountain bikes all the time in my late teens to early twenties.  

So to summarize is this even possible?  Can I get back to that guy?  Has anyone else seen it?  I am on Iburpofen, lortab 3 times daily, lorazepam 4 times daily, lisinopril, prevacid, flexeril occasionally when needed.  I would like advice even if its the unfortunate that I am screwed.  My goal is to get back to being fit and skinny and sexy.  I would like once this happens address some of these medications if possible to see if I no longer need them.  Oh and I have smoked for 17 years.  I can no longer ride bikes because of a surgery related to the car accident known as a urethroplasty (look it up not fun).  Any way thanks for any advice given and I appreciate your time looking at my post.  by for now.
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The first thing is to determine if all of the injuries from your accident have been adequately repaired.  This sounds questionable, since you're still taking pain med for them.  "Pushing through" that kind of pain isn't the way to go... if you have to do it that way, perhaps you need some sort of physical therapy or something to retrain yourself before you embark on a real fitness endeavor.

That said, we can't ever go back to the person we used to be; we simply move on to the next stage of our lives.  Apparently, no one has ever told you that skinny isn't sexy.  At the age of 35, you'd be much better off to leave skinny for the kids and work yourself in a fit, mature kind of sexy.

There are a lot of different activities you can engage in that will help get you fit... Very few of us have time to go to a gym/health club 4-5 days/week and pump iron for 2 hrs at a time, since most of us have jobs and other obligations, so you simply have to choose something (or several things) that you enjoy and get started.  You don't have to do the same thing all the time, either.  You can try swimming, skiing, hiking, plain walking (best exercise there is) or any number of other activities you enjoy. Dancing, yoga, anything that keeps you moving on a regular basis are all fine.  

Be sure to get, both, cardio and strength training.  Cardio burns fat, strength training builds muscle, which burns fat even faster.

Calculate your daily calorie needs and implement a food diary to keep track of your intake so you make sure you aren't eating too many calories.

Make the majority of you diet veggies, adding in plenty of lean protein, but don't overdo it.  Make sure you get enough healthy fats from things like avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds, etc. Opt for whole grains instead of processed foods.  Eat fruit in moderation, because even though it's "natural" it has a lot of sugar and spikes blood glucose levels, which in turn spikes insulin levels.  Insulin is a fat storage hormone!!

As far as your medications, it's very possible you could get off, at least some of them.  If you exercise and get your back in shape again, you may eliminate the pain, which would allow you to get off the pain med (or at least cut down on it).  Yoga would be perfect for that.  Losing weight and getting into shape would greatly help your blood pressure, which could help you get off the lisinopril.  Proper diet and weight loss could improve digestion enough to allow you get off the prevacid.  

You might also consider having your thyroid tested to make sure it's functioning adequately.  Digestion issues, weight gain or inability to lose weight, body aches/pains and blood pressure issues can all be symptoms of hypothyroidism (under active thyroid).  Ask your doctor to test TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.  
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Join a reputable (ie. full service) health club and get your butt in a regular workout program. It's called payback for your life.Some guys play golf, your gonna pump some iron regularly. I'm talking 4-5 times a week for a couple hours each time. I know this works, I started when I was about 60 yrs old and now feel like I'm 40 after doing it for 6 years.
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