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I wanna be healthy

I am a 14 year old overweight male. I want to lose weight and become healthy. What is a food essential for weight loss and overall health? I am also wondering if there are any foods that can help with the negative effects of over-masturbation. I have some other posts, please look at them, I think they will help in answering my questions.

If you are an expert or knowledgeable in the other topics in my other questions, I would appreciate answering them as well.
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Foods that help you lose weight
* Eggs, especially for breakfast, are a common food that may aid in weight loss.
*Oatmeal: Eating a cup of oatmeal first thing in the morning may help you lose weight.
*Peas, lentils, legumes, and peas are all classified as pulses as a group. Addition to its impact on satiety, while also their protein and fibre content, they may influence loss of weight.
*Fruits and vegetables are a food that are high in fibre, healthy fats, and a variety of other vitamins. It might also assist with weight loss.
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This is not going to sound like much of an answer, but if I had to pick one food to eat over all others for health, I'd choose live-culture yogurt. I'm hearing more and more that if you eat the natural kind of yogurt (with acidophilus and bifidus) it does all kinds of great things not only for your diet but for your brain.

To use it for weight loss, you would remove something bad for you from your regular eating pattern, and replace it with yogurt. If you remove a food with a lot of "bad fats" and empty calories and eat a half-cup of yogurt instead, you will probably see a pretty good result.

My nephew ate just a container of yogurt and a banana every day at lunch all through high school, (not because of his weight but because he didn't want to prepare anything more elaborate), and he certainly didn't have any problems with his weight even though both of his parents are quite heavy.
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