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I want to help my boyfriend lose weight

My boyfriend is about 5ft6 and is about 25lbs overweight and we have tried lots of different things for him to lose weight and nothing is working . Does anyone have any good plans or advice ?
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A good place to start is by checking your diet.  Multiply your weight by 7 and add 200 to it and that should be your calorie intake for a day to safely lose weight.  You really need to have a food log and write down everything that you eat.  Ketchup and condiments have calories along with what you drink.  Make sure you get ok through your dr. also.  Drink mostly water and try to get at least 1 hour of exercise a day.  Adding weight training to cardio will really get your fat burners going.  Good Luck.
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Thank you and just today I went to the fitness center to purchace a membership for both of us I want to be there for him and I need to shed a few pounds as well
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First make sure he has seen a doctor to rule out health problems & get some advice on diet & what exercise is appropriate for him.

Second do it with him. Even if you don't need to lose any weight, by making the same healthy adjustments to your own eating habits & by working out with him you will increase his chances of success. Even for guys, it's hard trying to go it alone & doing it as a team can strengthen your relationship in wonderful ways.

He is blessed to have a lady that cares for him as you do. ^_^
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