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Losing weight again

Hey this is the first time I am I posting any thing like this and that's because I really need to.

So almost 3 years ago I lost 35 pounds in a summer, going from 175 to 140. I did this by limiting myself to 1000 calories per day with no outside food or take out. During the first year I Fluctuated. I would sometimes see the 150 on the scale,  get scared and to back on the 1000 calorie diet until I hit 140 again.

The last month of that years summer I gave myself a 1300 calorie diet with no outside food to see what would happen. I made it down to 135. I was able to keep the weight off for three months. Then I went back to the previous years Routine of 150 to 140 over an over again. Hadn't been 135 since then.

Fast forward to this year being in issue. Started this year after the summer at 145. I had gained a few inches in height since the first time I lost the weight,  going from five three to five six so thought staying at 145 would be fine. Well history repeated itself and I was back on 150. I lied to myself told myself that if wasn't much of a set back and told myself I'd just watch myself and stay at 150 until the summer.

Well right after that a family member has broken the scale but I didn't I know that. The scale 140 and I assumed I had accidentally lost the weight. I let my self gain back to what I thought was 145 but then discover at the doctor's office was 155! First time since the original weight loss I weighed that much. I had denied all the signs that I was getting heavier too. I knew I was gaining but told myself I was imagining it. I told myself from then that id start the diet tomorrow several times over,  never didn't for more than a week.

I don't have the same situation as I did before. I now work 30 hours a week on retail so I can't stay home and not look at take out of outside food. There is temptation every 5 feet away. Its hard for me. I have more money in situation now too so it's incredibly easy for me to order take out my whim. I have very little self control.

I started my April 22nd 2011 and here I am almost at the three year Anniversary weighing 165, only ten pounds away from my original weight. I started counting calories on Sunday,  going by the amount of calories is should consume based on an app.

I want to be 135 or 140 by the end or June so I can feel comfortable go  to this guy conference. I guess in question is how do I handle this? Almost the same weight all over again with Easier access to junk food and been though issues of keeping the weight off.

How do I keep it off?  Can I?  Is my current goal unrealistic?  I really need this help because it's already have for me on day two.
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You should go by your BMI calories, and knock about 300-500 calories off so your body will be in a caloric deficit. With eating, try to stick to more veggies, fruits, and proteins. Some good carbs like complex carbs are good in the morning. Try meal prepping your food and take that to work with you so you won't have to be tempted and a few snacks, under 100 calories. (: exercise moderately, 4-5 days a week, the intensity is your choice to push yourself or not. You should be able to loose wait and keep it off, with a simple routine! Simplicity is best(: good luck and hope you achieve your goals!!
(Ps: never do the 1000 calorie a day diet, it ruins your metabolism which causes you to yo-yo in your diet.)
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Thanks everyone. So I try to walk when ever I can at some source of exercises. Walking for an hour between home and school instead of taking the bus is what I try to do. How should I decide on how much I should weigh?
Also I'm bringing a healthy snack to work on my best shift.  
Thanks guys :)
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Hi. It's so hard with temptations.  If you can make healthier choices at the take away places. Otherwise bring your own fruit & vegetables to work.
  Plan more activities for when you aren't working.  Do you have a bike?
  I like to do circuit training with weight machines at the gym. Burn up more calories.  Dance.class. Team sports.  Even a long walk.
  Try new foods you don't eat now. Like more beans in recipes.
Maintaining weight is a lifestyle. Decide to be active. Eat in moderation.
Only have fattening foods on a very limited basis. I like pizza. So I have only 1 1/2 slice every month. Instead of weekly. Ya know. Good luck. Pamela
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Your ideal weight should be calculated, based on your age, height and bone structure, not just some arbitrary figure that you think would be good for you.  So your first step would be to figure out where you should be, then decide how to get there.

Are you getting any exercise to go along with calorie counting?  

I agree that if you have easy access to junk/processed foods, it's much better to be prepared and take your own food.  Most places of business have an employee kitchen/fridge/micro, etc to store your food, or you can buy an insulated lunch bag to keep it fresh.  Think of the money you'll save for other things.
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I have the same issue and have found its easier to bring my own food to avoid junk food places. You are worth it and deserve to be the weight u want and feel good about yourself ..never give up and take one meal at a time. I usually beat myself up over failing my diet and really mess it up so i understand struggling i think most important is doing it for u and remember in how good u felt about yourself when u lost the weight..keep it up
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