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Losing weight to fast

So they put me on Metformin for my pcos(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

I'm only on a half of a dose. I'm taking 850MG once a day.

I lost 13 pounds on it since 9/11/08

Is this ok or am I losing weight to fast?

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Welcome to MedHelp and the Weight Loss & Dieting Community and thank you for posting your question.  I have to agree with Skailark about the 1-2 pound weekly goal and making it a lifestyle change.  Have found that making small goals and realizing them gives us reason to celebrate and motivates us in our journey.

Hope you will actively and regularly participate in the community.  Developing friendships and obtaining the knowledge of the other members can be crucial to your success.  It's a lot more fun to travel together .. than alone.

Best wishes to you .. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  We BELIEVE in YOU!!!  

Many (((Hugs))) ... Ranae
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If we are talking about 10 th december, then i guess we are talking bout 11 weeks if  i am right. Considering you have to lose another 65 pounds in 11 weeks would be equivalent to losing about 6 pounds a week and i think it would be mentally overwhelming and not sure it is a healthy option. I am not dimissing what your doctor said to you but i think it is not that very safe.

It is too much pressure on you and will test you greatly.I would recommend only losing 1-2 pounds a week and since you are walking and imagine you are sticking to a healthy meal plan, I think you would do great...

Just set small realistic goals and am sure all those small losses will add up..
There is an amazing tool here At Medhelp, where you can set small goals and track them with a graph,even you will get weekly reminders on your goal!

To use this tool, simply click "trackers" in your right hand column and add the weight loss tracker.I think this would be a kool tool and easy way to monitor your progress.

If you need any help please let us know and we would be more than happy to assit you in your journey!

And forgot to ask you earlier, do you keep a food journal? I highly recommend you do have one coz it helps you alot to keep an eye on those calories you are putting in.

I am confident you will do great and if you have any question just post it here and let us know! Just remember we are  friends now and we would surely like to help you in every way for you to succeed in your journey and realize your dreams!
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My doctor did ask me to lose 78 pounds by Dec 10th.

I did weigh 377, now I am at 364
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I walk 30 minutes a day durning my lunch break. Only drink water now and am on a low carb diet for the most part. If I do eat something that is not on the diet I only eat a half of a serving.

I just started trying on 09/11 so I'm strugling to stay on the diet.
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Well... the recommended amount of weight per week is 1-2 pounds.
Just wanting to ask, do you exercise and follow a healthy meal plan?
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