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Minimal exercise or diet?

Here is a male, 36 years old.   When I used to work-out till couple of years back, I was very slim.    Due to some physical injury/disc bulge during exercise, I stopped work-outs in the last 2 years.    

I gained substantial weight now.  My doctors have advised me not to do workouts, and it will aggravate the pain.
I have no idea how to reduce my weight without exercise.    Can anyone share me some good diet sheets to reduce weight?

I'm also extremely worried on how to reduce my belly, and waist, which used to be slim and fit in the past.    This is making me very uncomfortable.   Can somebody help please?
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hypocaloric diet is the answer to your question. Eat maximum 1,200 calories per day.
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You can't restrict your calories too much or you won't have enough to live on.  1200 calories is not enough for most people. You need to calculate your actual calorie needs, based on your current height, weight, age and activity level.

Talk to your doctor about yoga -- it's moves are very low impact and you have to be aware of how you do them. Yoga centers on building core strength, breathing and relaxation.  It can help you build muscle, lose weight and regain lost movement.  You can get yoga dvd's relatively inexpensively at discount department stores, or google "yoga" and you can watch all types of videos, showing you how to do certain poses.  Get your doctor's okay.

For diet, make sure you eat mostly veggies, and add in lean protein, low/no fat dairy, nuts, seeds and "good" fats.  Portion control is the easiest way.  
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