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Motivation needed

Hey everyone!! I am needing to lose weight.  My last weigh in I was 254 and would like to see 200.  My problem is motivation.  I work 40 hours a week in front of a computer then have school online and am a single mother.  Time to workout seems to be a luxury.  Any tips?
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Can you stand while doing online work/studying, instead of sitting down ALL those hours?
The odds of you  losing weight as it is, are stacked against you.
Your extra time for fitness and exercise is very limited, so my guess is, you
won't be successful, unless:
1 Maximize results in the shortest amount of time.
Try vibration machine exercises for 10 minutes daily, starting at low intensity for a few weeks, before going higher.
2.Avoid emotional eating like the plague!!!
If you feel to eat something rich and naughty, just to satisfy an emotional based need, be smart about it and have some rice cakes on hand.
I think they're only 45 calories each. If you need to top them with something
you can add a sauce made from fresh berries & stevia. use your low-cal imagination!
3. Add a 10 minute weight bearing routine 3 x weekly, but start light.
4. Consume huge salads with calorie-wise dressings like: vinegar to olive oil
4/1 ratio, sea salt, pepper and dried oregano. Lemon or lime juice instead of vinegar works well too.
5. Roast turkey and chicken breast, are a great choice for quality protein and so is grilled fish.
6 Pleasure yourself-seriously!- with whatever does not have calories.
Well not always, but allow yourself the occasional treat, like a small piece of cheesecake.
7. Think slimmer instead of thinking "losing" weight. Negative concepts do not work well for the subconscious, as the image (fat, overweight, etc.) still gets imprinted,even if the opposite is being expressed.
8. Drink lots of spring water 1 hour away from meals.
9. Set reasonable goals and then exceed them.
10. Finally! Easy does it. Don't put any great pressure on yourself.
Enjoy the process and try to have fun with discovering new low-cal
healthy eating and other healthy activities.

You can do it!


You should post before and after photos after 6-12 months!

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There are some online walking videos you can do that are fun and easy to get started and you can increase intensity as you get better...

Here's a good one to get started...

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Walk at least 20 to 30 minutes per day, every day, whether outside (depending upon conditions) or inside around your living area from room to room.  Cut out all sodas and other sugary drinks.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Do not go on a severe diet, but cut overall calories.  Anything made of grain should be whole grain.  
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