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Calling For Healthy Holiday Recipes!

The Holiday season is just about upon us and if you are like most people, one of the best things about the season is all the yummy goodies our family, friends or co-workers contribute to parties or gatherings!  Then we suffer the "aftermath" when we step on the scale after New Years.   The good thing is that we don't have to gain weight during the holiday season...we can focus, instead, on maintaining.   There are a lot of healthier, yet still delicious recipes that you can use to make THIS the year that you won't have to make a New Year's resolution to start that "post-holiday" diet.

So what do you do next?  Simple!  Send us your recipes!  Your recipes that are delicious, yet feature healthier ingredients (yogurt instead of sour cream, etc).    

It doesn't matter what type of recipes you submit; they can be appetizers, entrees, casserole dishes, veggies/side dishes, breads, desserts, or snacks. We want them all!  Submit your most delicious, slimmed-down holiday dish and finished-product photo, and you¹ll be featured in our first MedHelp members' "Holiday Recipe Book"  (well, holiday recipe slideshow, really) that will be featured on MedHelp and in an upcoming newsletter.

To submit your dish, simply CREATE A NEW POST with the following information (DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST WITH YOUR RECIPE; WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FEATURE IT):

1. The name of your recipe

2. A brief description of your recipe (50 words or less) - this is your chance to tell us about your recipe! You can include where this recipe comes from, why you like it, tips on preparing it or how you made it healthier.

3. Complete ingredients and directions for preparing

4. A HI-RESOLUTION photo of your finished dish (we need a high-quality image so that it can be added to our slideshow). Please try to take your picture in LANDSCAPE mode (so the picture is longer than it is tall--not portrait), and, if possible, size it to 500 pixels long by 350 pixels wide. If you don't know how to size it, don't worry. Just upload your high-res image to your post.

That's it! We'll gather all recipes and feature them in a holiday recipe slideshow on MedHelp as well as in an upcoming newsletter timed for the holidays.

Here's a sample recipe and photo - http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Healthy-Cooking/red-cookedbrussel-sprouts-holiday-edition/show/1392308 .  It's simple to do - just post your recipe with a photo, and we'll do the rest!  Please let us know if you have any questions

--Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, holiday season --
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I have been on other communities posting for awile, but have not fully understood how many things you can do here.  It is a wonderful website! I wanted to thank you for letting me know about the healthy cooking community, I love it!
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Forgot to mention that you should post your recipe and the picture in the Healthy Cooking forum.


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