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Need help losing 10-20 pounds!

I'm 19 and don't have much time for exercising right now. I want to find a better diet and some way to lose pounds without having to work out constantly. I already walk all around campus to get to my classes. I'm thinking I just need to eat less and shrink my stomach somewhat. I've also heard that drinking pure green tea (without sugar and all the added chemicals) can help lose some weight. I mostly want to lose stomach fat but eventually I want to lose some of my butt and thigh weight (probably from an exercise bicycle). Does anyone know how I can lose weight easily without having to work out as much? What would be the best diet for me (an on-the-go college journalist)?

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Losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks is most likely impossible, but most certainly such an attempt could damage your health considerably.  Why do you feel you have to lose that much that fast?  115 is not so heavy for 5'2"..........

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burn more calories than you consume. easier said than done right? not exactly..it isn't that bad...
just be sure to give yourself a cheat day, otherwise you will be "cheating" all along, which is not good.
eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and drink tons of water.
also; have you  heard of the fruit/nuts/water diet?
because with that my best friend lost 7 pounds in a week..

can you help me with ideas on how to lose twenty pounds in two weeks?  because i am seventeen, five feet/two inches, and i way a huge 115 pounds...i need to get to 95 pounds asap.
please,please,please help me(:
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hiya! i am in ur exact position, i am also 19 (20 soon argh!) and also in education.
for the last 6 weeks i have been dieting and working out only 30 mins each day but have only lose 1 pound and i feel very disheartened.

by the way how much do u weigh?? i am 5'6 and 154 pounds and my goal is to lose 1 stone (14 pounds). alot of ppl have told me tht since i am not very overweight losing the last 10-14 pounds is the most difficult.

i have been on quite a low calorie diet for the last 6 weeks and i wudnt recommend it, it doesnt work.

have u tried dieting before? what works best 4u?
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