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On Weightwatchers and gaining

I've been on weightwatchers for a month now and I've gained a total of 6 pounds from where I was when I started.  Except for one week going over my alotted calorie intake, I've managed to stay within my alotted caloric intake.  I'm on Celexa for depression, and even though my doctor tells me that it is appetite neutral, I have my doubts.  I never had weight issues until I was on medication.  I'm obviously eating too much that even my exercise can't displace.  Feeling hopeless.
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Have you been exercising. Keep trying. Things should be turning around soon.

Good Luck and God Bless.


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I think there are two types of Weight Watchers plans you can do, the plan where you count points and the one where it is a lower carb diet.  Anyways, I gained weight on weight watchers before, when there wasn't the lower carb choice.  I am now doign South Beach and have had success this week.  I skipped the phase I part of it since I'm diabetic and I can't go totally no carb, but Phase II still has carbs, though lower, and you eat whole grain types of stuff and fruits and veggies to get those carbs.  Anyways, I've had better success on the watcing carbs.  I can cut my calories until I'm not eating anything and still gain weight.  Sometimes carbs are what will do it for some people.  You could also try a different medication.  There are lots of antidepressants out there.  And if gaining weight is making you more depressed, t hen that isn't good.  Call you doctor.  He/she might change the medication even without you going in for another visit. Antidepressants will make you gain weight.  Most medications do actually.  

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If you can post a sample menu, including amounts, we might be able to see what could be happening.  

Don't feel hopeless!  We'll all try to help.

Post a menu, though.  It can really help.
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I too tried Weight Watchers and gained a few pounds.  Like with all diets, some work for some and some work for others.  Our bodies are different.

Try the raw food diet......it worked for me.

Linda Joy Allan
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