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I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried those online programs for diet and exercise tips? I get an online newsletter for the Jillian Michaels Online Program (coach from the biggest loser) and right now she is offering a one week free deal (its regularly $4 a week). I'm hesitant because what can she really do for me over the internet. So by saying this I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried these online programs not just Jillian's and found them to be helpful or a total waste of time.
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Skailark and twehner5 are right - this is a great place to get help and support and as Skailark said "it's free".  I've looked at some of the other sites, but why pay for something that you can't really "participate" in like you can here.  And if there's something you have questions about, you can ask them here, but not on most of the other sites I've seen.  

I've only been coming to this site for about a month, but it's pretty neat.  So far, I've not lost much weight (bouncing between 143 and 147), but I think that's only because of some other medical issues that haven't been addressed yet.  I'll be going this coming Wed for testing to check for diabetes and adrenal function - hoping some issues get resolved soon.  In the meantime, I'll be here cuz I need the encouragement to keep trying in spite of the fact that I'm losing right now - at least I'm holding pretty steady.  

Try the exercise and weight trackers - they might help you stay focused - I know they do me.  And of course, there's the Thanksgiving Challenge going on right now and it's not too late to join in.  Skailark is chock full of encouragement and helps keep us accountable.  

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I guess Dkailark was too modest to tell you to look up the thread he hosts daily right now. Look today.  It's called "Day 6 - Exercise - Thanksgiving Challenge". Even when our Thanksgiving challenge is over, we are on here CONSISTENTLY holding each other accountable for our exercise. Feel free to add your name to the list anytime you see us start a thread with that emphasis. You can ask us to check your exercise tracker, weight tracker, or whatever. Please jump in and take part - we're always here...

(If I go look at your profile, I'll lose everything I've already typed. But, do you have the above-mentioned trackers already in place? If not, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to set them up. They will help you to help yourself!)
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Well...i havent personally tried any of those programs...the best site for weight loss is this one! Medhelp Weight loss and dieting! I think the support here is great and people who are activley particpating in the communty are losing weight on a regular basis..

So eating healthy,exercising,asking questions, finding motivation and support is the healthiest way to lose weight...Coz doing all these you get to know your workout and body, you are constantly educating yourself about good and bad lifestlye choices. You are becmoing confident and start to belive you can do this..and this is long term and once you lose the weight you wud know how to maintain it. You are always in control. No online diet programs can match what we have got here!

You wanna know the best part? Its FREE!
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