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Only two meals?

I heard one can gain weight from eating only 1-2 meals a day. If I only eat two meals a day (one moderate, one bigger) will I gain weight? I’m unsure bc I heard only eating two meals is good too.
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I drink more water only for  dieting  now. I did a reducing my regular weight fasting. which I know is before I eating not  healthiest food , but  now I eating more healthy food in yummy yummy food recipes it worked for me.
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This time last year I weighed about 280lbs. I’m 41 years old. I now weight 220-230 lbs.

I am being honest when I say I didn’t do it in the healthiest way.

Make sure you cut out any kind of sugary drink ie…pop. I drink only diet now. I did a lot of intermittent and regular fasting which I know is not the healthiest, but it worked for me. I see signs by my house for tat injection shots 26.00 ( rip off )

Regardless of how healthy or unhealthy I did it, my doctors are proud of me. I used my CFS medication A LOT A To suppress my appetite.

I wouldn’t recommend what I did to anyone, but I couldn’t live with that much weight. I was out of breathe just walking up the stairs. It was hell. If you watch a show called my 600 lb life, the doctors give the best and honest advice.

Also you said you tried everything in your diet book. There’s so many other books or ways to diet. I’d personally see a specialist or nutritionalist if it’s really bad or something you can’t live with. I grew up weight 160-185 lbs   So with this happening etc I had no choice.
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Not to take away from you're good results, but although diet pop won't make you gain weight it is more dangerous to your health than sugar.  This doesn't mean sugar is good for you, it just means the artificial sweeteners are even worse.  Weight isn't the only thing that damages health.  The best thing to do is stop drinking pop altogether and substitute sparkling spring water with whatever fruit flavors you like.  You get the fizz, you get flavor, but you don't get the sugar or the even worse artificial sugars.  I'm not sure why the fasting isn't healthy, as long as you do it in a healthful way.  The biggest problem with it is if you do it for too long, the fact it usually doesn't last if you go back to eating the same foods that caused you to gain weight in the first place, but in general true fasting, which doesn't include intermittent fasting which just consolidates the same amount of food in a shorter period of time and therefore might cause problems such as heartburn or reflux, is a pretty healthful and spiritual thing to do.  Congrats on losing the weight, that's impressive.
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We're all different.  My Dad always ate only two meals, but he did snack.  He was overweight in the abdomen area, but not anywhere else and not all that much, so it didn't affect him any.  I eat two meals a day as well nowadays due to other problems, and I haven't had any weight gain.  Your weight is a function more of what you eat and how much you eat and what your body is used to and how much energy you burn through movement than anything else.  There are a million eating theories out there -- eat six small meals a day, don't eat one day a week, eat a big breakfast, skip breakfast so your stomach is empty longer than just sleeping, but none of them have good evidence behind them, they're all fads.  If you're comfortable this way, it's enough food to fuel what you do, then time will tell you if this works for you.  The reason we eat 3 times a day and a snack is because historically people had to do a lot of stuff physically every day just to survive.  They didn't have cars or TV or computers or machinery and so everything they did took energy unless they were very rich and had servants do it for them, in which case they were usually corpulent.  It may be that now that we really don't do all that much anymore we don't need more than two meals a day.  Who knows?
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