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I have been on Phentermine twice and lost about 40 lbs each time.  Of course I yoyo back up and now I have about 15 to 20 lbs I would like to drop.  But I don't think I can get another RX for it.  Every time I go, the Dr. is hesitant about giving it to me.  I really love it though because it makes me not having any will power against food not a factor.  And I love the energy it gives me.  Does anyone have any suggestions for some alternatives, for the energy or appetite suppressant?
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Most of the time, when someone uses some type of drugs to lose weight, they end up gaining it all back as soon as they go off the drugs, which is why we advocate a balance between diet and exercise.

The idea of a weight loss aid, is to provide help you lose weight, while you learn to eat properly.  Somewhere along the line, you have to take responsibility for what you eat and if you don't eat well, you won't be well.  If you only take the drug in order to be able to eat what you want, you defeating the purpose and doing much more harm than good.

I don't think you need body composition tests; I merely think you need to balance your intake, with what you use - diet to exercise ratio.......

If you get enough exercise, you will build muscle; if you eat properly you will lose fat.  
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Wow, losing 40lbs is a grreat job!

Phentermine is something you should not get hooked-to!

In these phases of weight loss did you ever get your body composition tests done? You might be losing valuable muscle along with fats from your body. In turn, losing muscle decreases your resting metabolic rate making you gain more weight back again later...

This could be dangerous. Please get your body fat % measured and also take into account your skeletal muscle part.

All the best,
Parth Adhyaru
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