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Plateaus - Physical and Emotional???

As we are on this magnificent journey to better health, we can sometimes face plateaus where it can seem like we're walking in circles .. however, the fact that we are walking and continuing our path will allow us to emerge onto another that is a little easier to walk.  

These plateaus can be divided into two categories .. one is physical ... in which our bodies are trying to protect us and make sure we are not starving.  Here is some information on How to Survive a Plateau .. the physical kind.  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/40803

Another kind of plateau is an emotional plateau where we tend to have some underlying emotions that are halting our progress.  These plateaus require some hard work and self-examination to unlock.  I've been working on this one for some time and have recently crossed a hurdle with some additional knowledge.  

Please comment on whether you've experienced either or both of these plateaus, if you've been able to overcome them, how, or if you are struggling.  In the honest posting of these issues, we acknowledge them and then can start the process and gain the help to move forward.

Love to each of you .. (((Hugggsss)))  
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I'm currently grappling with a physical plateau that just doesn't want to budge for me... hovering around the same number day after day for a few weeks is driving me up the wall. But, as well educated friends have informed me, no one simply loses and loses at a steady rate of X-pounds-per-week without plateaus, fluctuations, etc. It's our body's way of adjusting to lost weight and making sure muscles/skin keep up with the changes.

I have to remind myself of this constantly, when I start to get frustrated that my exercise and healthy eating choices are not yielding the instant drop rate results I want!
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It seems that those of us with the health issues also might have the most emotional plateaus.........  I was going great guns with my exercise/eating right and having no luck at all with weight loss --- then I found out that undiagnosed thyroid issues were causing the problem - that was almost 2 yrs ago and I'm still fighting THAT battle, plus I've just learned that I also have a vitamin D deficiency, which is also affecting the way my body performs.  Those issue, along with my pernicious anemia, which often leaves me too TIRED to exercise - I've felt like the cards were really stacked against me.

I am, however, thinking that I MIGHT be getting close to getting the thyroid issues leveled out, at least temporarily, and I *have* actually been able to lose a few pounds over the past couple of months -- not sure how long they will stay off but at least they've left me for the time being...........and with yet another dosage change in my med, I'm hoping it will only continue to get better....

Personally, I can't stress enough, that BEFORE anyone attempts a great weight loss program, that they should make a visit to their doctor to make sure there are NO health issues to get in the way..... these include, but certainly are not limited to: thyroid, PCOS, insulin resistance, etc......  Undiagnosed and/or untreated health issues will most certainly sabotage the best weight loss intentions.  
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Ditto, TrudieC.

On my good days, it comes naturally to eat well and exercise, but I fall apart on my bad days.  The anxiety I feel over my future and the mourning over the lost time and opportunities drowns out my common sense, and I resort to comfort eating.  Coupled with the fatigue, it's a recipe for frustration.  

I keep hoping that I'll break out of this pattern and be back on track with my life.  Lately there are times that I feel close to this, but setbacks are still popping up and challenging me.  I'm not giving up, but I am struggling!
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Ranae, I love the term emotional plateau!  It is so appropriate.  I am definitely going through one of those right now.  I'm so stressed worrying about health issues that I am finding myself unable to put my efforts into losing weight.  I might start out the day doing well but lose it as the day progresses.  I'm hoping that some of my issues will be resolved soon and that I can put my mind on taking care of another area of me.
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