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I need your tips and techniques for coping with a plateau. I was steadily losing 2.8 lbs/week for the last month but now my losing has come to a standstill. I am frustrated and disheartened but don't want to give up. What things have you tried to get the scale unstuck? Many thanks!
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I change things up a bit in my diet and exercise.  Exercise routines that work out the same muscle parts as well as types of cardio I am doing.. for example.. if I use to do bicep curls with weights for muscle toning my arm, I change to using rope curls.. working same body part but different exercise... for cardio if I do treadmill one week I change to stairclimber the following week...

The science is confusing the body.. that confusing forces the change in weight loss..
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Try changing up your routine - both diet and exercise.  Randomly add/subtract calories each day.  Switch to different exercises, etc.  Once your body gets used to a certain amount of calories and/or exercise, that's what it expects and if you don't change things, there no challenge.
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