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Struggling to Lose Weight

Im so frustrated. I’m following the diet  as strictly as I can. I never go over in carbs (24) I eat no sugar.

I rarely meet my fat goals; a struggle from the start. I find that my fat/protein ratio is close to equal. I know this isn’t ideal, but can’t seem to get it right. I have lost 1 pound in 2 weeks.  I walk 4 miles , 4 days a week. Any suggestions?  I’ve purchased coconut oil, mct oil, avacado oil and many other keto recommended products. Starting to think keto can’t work for me.
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I'm not sure you have a plan.  Keto diets have no proof they work long-term, but some obviously do have some good results or they would have disappeared.  My own view is that all the fad diets are largely marketing devices and are not experience or science based, meaning someone makes them up based on some useful information but don't really know how humans should eat.  Experience based diets look at how people actually eat and have eaten and go from there, so they can actually look at how different people eat and have eaten and how it worked out for them in the real world.  I'm concerned that, for example, you thought eating fat would make you lose weight.  Avocado oil and coconut oil are noted more for not being as harmful as once thought than having any proven benefits, and adding fatty oils to your diet is not going to cause weight loss.  The point was if you were eating more harmful fats and substituted a moderate intake of these fats you would be better off.  That's not the same as saying eating these fats makes you healthier, wealthier or wiser, so to speak.  Now, for some, MCT oil is a bit different, but if you're not very athletic it probably won't benefit you much.  Walking isn't intensive physical activity, so it's hard to see how that product would benefit you much.  Basically, though, if you've lost a pound in two weeks, that isn't actually terrible.  If you keep doing that for a year, you'll have lost a fair amount of weight, right?  But there's no guarantee that will happen.  The best course is to eat a healthy balanced diet, and not to expect miracles from marketed diet fads.  The only diet that has been studied widely that appears to hold up well is what's termed the Mediterranean Diet, but that's really just a basic balanced diet high in veggies and whole grains and low in animal fat that everyone recommends.  It's not a high protein diet.  The only humans who historically ate a high protein diet were those who lived in places where plants didn't grow much, such as in very cold climates.  Also, the carb thing is very misleading.  Carbs should be the largest portion of a healthy diet, as that category includes veggies, fruits, grains, and a large portion of legumes.  And those are the foods we're urged to eat for health.  But again, you're not doing terribly.  Again, if you continue to lose at this pace, you will be losing at a healthful rate of speed that will make it easier to keep it off.  But I wouldn't count on keto being a good long-term option, as it hasn't shown to be that.  It might be for you, though.  Peace.  
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I understand this frustration.  Sometimes losing weight can be daunting.  I'm not a math person, don't like things overly complicated so I dumb it all down.  Do you mind me asking how old you are and your sex?  I couldn't do a keto diet because it's more of a diet plan.  Too specific for me.  Low carb, high fat.  I'm also not a fan of the high fat. Remember that diet where they said you could eat all the bacon you wanted?   How long have you been on the keto diet?   I'm more of a be smart about it, eliminate the known enemy food, eat more of the known good for you food and do your best.  If I'm having trouble sticking to it, I give myself one cheat day a week.  Usually a Sunday, for me.  Cutting out sugar as best I can (more like severely limit it), processed foods, soda.    And I watch my portion size.  And I don't eat at night before bed.  Drinking a cup of tea at night helps me if I'm hungry-ish (more like bored/tv eating).  A few nuts, some fruit, these are the kinds of snacks I try to have.  This really helps me lose weight.  But everyone is SO different and you have to stick to what is best for you.  Have you tried the intermittent fasting where you stop eating at say 7 pm and don't eat again until 7 am?

I see you eat low carb and no sugar now.  What do you eat then?  What's your portion control like?  

Exercise is great, it sounds like.  Could you add in some intervals on your walks like a slow job for 1 minute 3 times?  And I don't think you are supposed to lose more than a pound a week.  So, you're off to a bit of a slow start but not by that much.  I found I saw no difference for a while and then BOOM, the weight started coming off.  It's a long journey.  You'll get there!  
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