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Sunday Weigh In April 18, 2021

Good morning... yay me - I'm finally posting when it's still actually morning.  lol   It's a dark dreary day today and I think we're going to end up with rain before it's over.  We had quite a bit of rain yesterday.  We did need it, but it sure was inconvenient... haha, isn't it odd that Mother Nature doesn't work on my schedule??  :-)

Anyway, it's been a strange week for me but I think I'm finally coming out of it.  On Tuesday, we had to take my neighbors (walking partner) to the airport for their return to OR for the summer.  It's strange not to have her here, but something I deal with every year.  

Wednesday, we mowed the yard and most of mine was done with the push mower.  Thursday, I "crashed".  My whole body hurt, including my head and I was SO tired, I ended up spending most of the day in bed (or sleeping in my recliner).  I even went to bed about 7:00 that night and slept approximately 10 hours.  When I woke up Friday morning, I was feeling much better and have been okay since.  

I'm coming up on 3 weeks on my new thyroid medication dosage, so I'd guess that had something to do with the crash.  It takes several weeks for a dosage change to take full effect and sometimes we get to the point at which we simply can't keep going without extra rest.  I'm sure pushing the lawn mower for 3 hours after not having used those muscles for several months contributed to the soreness.

I've also been working on cabinets in the room I've commandeered to do my calligraphy.  I've collected so many bottles of ink and other supplies and had no where to store them.  Imagine that mess.  lol   Anyway, I bought one new cabinet and found another at our local flea market.  The new one had to have some adjustments to be put up and the flea market find had to be well cleaned, sanded and repainted.  Both are up now and one is almost full.  I'll begin loading the second one, today.  

Anyway, since my neighbor is gone and I'm not out walking every day, I have to be extra mindful of what/how much I'm eating.  I've really curbed the snacking especially, at night.  This is partially because of the calories and partially because of GERD.  I've found that I can't eat much of anything within 3 hours of going to bed or I wake up choking with acid.  This has a tendency to make evening snacking much less attractive.

That was the long way to tell you that because (or in spite) of everything, I managed to lose another pound this week and I'm pretty proud of that.  That's a pound each for 2 consecutive weeks and I'm likin' it.  :-)   I'm hoping it's a sign that my thyroid dose is kicking in and also that I'm doing "something" right.  The hard part will be to figure out what I'm doing right and keep doing it.  :-)

So - how about you?  What's happening in your world?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goal(s) you set for yourself for the week and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Good for you, Barb, two losing weeks in a row! Glad the crash had an explanation. Are you feeling less exhausted?

I'm down .7 of a pound this morning, maybe a little more (we had Chinese food last night and it usually makes me retain fluids). But even .7 of a pound is just fine. That makes two losing weeks in a row for me also -- very encouraging. For a while I wondered if I had just reached the age where one's metabolism slows down and nothing seems to help. I'm not exercising in an organized way, just have to remember that I can't eat like I am exercising. Or else, start exercising! The improving weather will help a lot with that.

Speaking of weight management, we took our littler dog off her morning treat for good. She was getting a chunk of marrow bone (the butcher slices them in one- or two-inch slices) almost every morning. We couldn't understand why she was gaining weight, because we manage her dog food very carefully. Turns out, bone marrow is quite fattening.  My husband likes to give the dogs bones because they love them, but after we tried removing the marrow with a spoon a few times, he said forget it, and is not giving her any at all. She's been going to the farm with him, where he's been clearing storm-broken trees, and runs around there lots more than she does at the house by school. I'm hoping that by depriving her of her fatty snacks and exercise at the farm, at her next medical appointment I don't have to embarrassedly admit that yes, she is still fat.

Weather here will be sunny all week. Maybe I can get out and pound the pavement a little! Have a great week.
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Good for you you, too - losing 2 weeks in a row.  0.7 lbs is nothing to sneeze at.  Chinese food tends to be pretty salty so I wouldn't be surprised if you were retaining some fluid.

We all tend to forget that we need to be mindful of our pets' weights too.  Some of those snacks we give them are chock full of things that aren't so good for them.   We don't have a dog now, but when we did, most of them tended to be overweight.   I'm sure dropping off your dog's bone marrow snack and letting her run around at the farm will help considerably.  

We used to have a sign along one of our main roads here, put up by the County Health Department.  It said:  "If you're overweight, your dog needs more exercise."

It's raining here again today and sounds like that's going to hang in here for a couple of days, at least.  Have a good week.

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