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Sunday Weigh In April 19, 2020

Good morning... how are we all doing today?  I hope everyone is weathering the "stay at home" orders - or whatever you state has in place right now - without too much difficulty.  

It looks like some states will be opening back up soon - my state might be one of the first, as some beaches were opened yesterday on a part-time basis.  The idea was to give people a place to walk, run, swim, etc for exercise as long as everyone continued to practice social distancing...  We all know that exercise is crucial at a time like this, so I hope everyone sticks to the rules.

Personally, we're staying home as much as possible, but as I've noted previously, we're not right in a city and we have a large yard so I can get out and do some work when I need exercise.  I also have a treadmill I can use, but right now, it's folded up and serving as a blanket rack... I guess that's a pretty fair hint that I'm probably not exercising as much as I should be.  :-)

Diet-wise, I am trying to eat better, but there are still too many trips to the fridge/cupboard.  I'm still having a lot of trouble with swelling/edema, which is what happens when I don't exercise adequately and/or eat too much salty food.  

My weight is still fluctuating by 3-5 lbs/day, which is fluid retention, but even on the "lighter" days, I weigh more than I did a couple of weeks ago, so I'll claim some gain.  I haven't weighed this morning, so I'll do it later and post my actual gain.  

Without my winter walking partner, I haven't been getting out and moving like I should be, so lack of exercise is the biggest issue, at this point.  I'll have to try to do better.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on here - we only venture out to get food and/or medications so it's pretty quiet though we manage to stay busy.  

I hope you're all doing well and staying busy... I look forward to hearing how you're doing.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I did finally get on the scale last night and as I suspected, I'm up by about 3.1 lbs from when I actually recorded my last weight.  As I said in my original post - I'm retaining a lot of fluid so my weight does fluctuate by up to 3-5 lbs/day but I'll still claim a gain because I haven't been exercising like I should and as I stated, I've also been making a lot of trips to the fridge.  This is mostly nighttime/evening snacking so after not doing much all day, the last thing I need is extra food at night, which doesn't  always include the best choices.  

One problem is that we eat our big meal of the day at lunch and don't really eat a regular meal in the evening, so nighttime food often ends up being a sandwich and chips, ice cream or a candy bar, etc because they're quick and easy to grab.  

I need to try to get into some sort of routine for cooking in the evening - or earlier in the day so there's something ready in the evening.  :-)
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Not a bad idea! :) Today I made the effort with a pot roast. I had bought it on an impulse when buying groceries ... my husband likes them but in all these years of marriage I have never cooked one. Anyway, it was pre-marinated in some kind of magic pot-roast juice in a plastic cooking sack, but I got rid of the plastic and put it in a pot (hate the idea of cooking something for more than two hours in plastic!). At the one-hour-to-go point I peeled and quartered some potatoes and peeled and cut some carrots, and put them in the pot. At go time, we sat down to enjoy the fruits of my labor. My son and I ate our whole serving, but the persnickety bunwad I'm married to turned up his nose at the meat, saying it wasn't tender enough. (It was a small roast, not the giant things my mom used to cook when I was one of five kids, and it had already cooked 2 1/2 hours at 350, which was what the packaging said to do.) I was pretty annoyed, and after we all ate (husband, "I'll just have some after it's done cooking, tomorrow") I went upstairs to sit in my warm bed with my cat and update my email.  Next time he acts that ungrateful, I'll bounce a freshly-peeled potato off his clueless head.
My husband has done that with some things I've cooked.  It's pretty frustrating to spend your time and effort making a good meal, only to be told "it doesn't taste good" or that something is wrong with it.  When my husband does that, I refuse to cook for him again for a pretty long time.  If he doesn't appreciate my efforts, he can cook for himself, which he does a lot of times anyway. :-)

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Hi, I haven't gotten my scale yet, or been over to the other house early enough on a given day to weigh in. Guess I am going to have to make a bigger effort. I think I will be heavier, all this home cooking for my husband and son have pretty much prompted me into more eating than when I'm on my own and we're all out and doing. Hope it's not by too many pounds. We are eating healthy food, it's just more constant than when we're not on lockdown.

Things have stabilized a bit otherwise, I'm not at the new house while my husband and son rough it at the farm any more; we're all at the farm. My son's school has gotten serious with computer-based learning that has him busy, which is great because it makes his days more regular. We're all still sleeping on crazy schedules, and compared notes yesterday about how we are feeling and were all really tired. But whether this is just psychological, a virus that has nothing to do with The Virus, or even a mild case of Covid-19, who knows.

Grocery ordering is getting a bit smoother. When we picked up our order on Saturday, we went home, unloaded it, and placed the next one immediately, pretty much as a matter of course. It's really helpful that the site shows us our list -- makes it easy to reorder things that we eat up in a week. My husband then masked up and we went to Safeway looking for dog bones or soup bones, and he came out with a lot of them including some oxtails. (Oxtails are definitely sold to make soup or for wealthy dogs, each package was $13.) Come to make beef barley soup today, and I found we didn't have enough beef in the freezer to balance all the barley I had soaked. So I poached the oxtails from the dog section of the fridge, and cooked them into the broth. I didn't know how rich a flavor oxtails give to a broth -- it was the best beef barley soup I've ever made, and I've been making it for years. The best thing was that after the oxtails improved the soup, I pulled them out again and now the dogs will get them with some small amount of cooked meat on them, which is just fine with the dogs. I could see my husband was feeling proprietary that I had taken the bones he had bought for the dogs, and was glad they didn't suffer for sharing with us.

Except for our peculiar sleep patterns, we're all doing well. My cousin's daughter is in Boston, apartment-bound with Covid-19. It sure sounds like an illness to avoid if you can: they had headaches so painful they couldn't sleep, followed by chills and exhaustion so strong they couldn't even get out of bed. And these are young adults, this is clearly not an illness just for oldsters.

Will post back when I get my act together about bringing over the scale.
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I think everyone's schedules are "off" a bit and I haven't been real good at weighing either with my scale right here in the bathroom... I look at it every day and consider getting on it, then decide I don't really need to because I can tell my weight isn't going to be down, even if it's not up by a lot...  :-)

I'm glad to hear that your family is doing okay... I'm wondering if the tired feeling might be from changes schedule (or lack of routine).  I've found myself more tired, as well, but then we aren't going out and doing things we normally do so staying at home all the time has really changed things for us.

Now that my walking partner is gone, my routine is even less structured than it was before, since I'm not getting moving early so I can leave for our daily walk.  

Your beef/barley soup sounds really good and I've read that oxtails are excellent for making good broth.  I'm happy to hear that the dogs aren't going to suffer/be slighted by the fact that you used them in your soup.  
They aren't sure what to do with the cooked oxtails. Each of them got one this morning, and since they smelled like onions and basil as well as cooked beef, they looked them over pretty thoroughly. I think onions are not good for dogs, so next time I'll rinse the meat more thoroughly before serving! Looked out about ten minutes later, and one of the dogs was burying her bone. Either that's a vote of confidence ("I'll save this for later!") or it's the opposite.
If the dogs have never had oxtails before, I'm not surprised they didn't know what to do with them.  :-)

I've never heard of onions being bad for dogs but I guess they could be.  We had a couple of dogs that ate them with no problems, if the onions were in scraps we fed them or something.  We had another dog who wouldn't eat onions.  If they were in something he got fed, he'd pick them out; the flavor didn't seem to bother him - he just wouldn't eat the onions.  He didn't like pickles either.  :-)  I think dogs are a lot like people - there are certain things don't like, or if they're new to a certain taste, it might take them a while to warm up to it.
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