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Sunday Weigh In - April 24, 2022

Good morning... How's everyone doing this morning?  It's looking to be a bright, sunny day, here, so I'll take it.

It's been a pretty quiet week again, with nothing earth shattering going on.  I've spent a good share of my time practicing calligraphy as I have a couple of projects going on.  I also have some shop projects to work on - pens to make, so I might do some of that later today.  

I've sort of taken matters into my own hands with my thyroid issues and have increased my med dosage by one pill/week.  It doesn't sound like much, but seems to be helping as some of my symptoms have eased.  My eye surgery also helped considerably, because I'm not struggling to stay awake all the time.  I've also been trying to add a little bit of exercise every day - usually several times/day since I don't spend an entire 30 minutes or an hour exercising.  

I believe all these things have been advantageous, because as of yesterday, I'm down by 7 pounds since the first part of the month.   I'm retaining some fluid today, so I won't weigh until tomorrow, when, hopefully, it will be gone.

So - that's a "yay" for me!!  How have you been doing?  I hope you've been able to meet your goals and look forward to hearing about your week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Wow, Barb, that *is* a real "yay!" I hope your doctor is sensible enough to support the new approach when you finally admit it, so you won't run out of extra pills over time.  It's really too bad that so many doctors know not much about thyroid problems.

My weight has gone down consistently over the last several weigh-ins, though slowly. It went down .3 of a pound last week. The good thing is that it has been weeks since it has gone up, and my stomach is not a "tummy" any more, it's almost (not quite) flat. Since that's where I carry extra weight, I'm very glad everything seems to be heading (and staying) the right direction. If I lose four more pounds, it's a matter then of just maintenance at that weight. I've been lighter than that in my life, but as time has gone by, I think if I went to one of my more youthful weights (which would be 5 more pounds off after the four) my arms will just look scrawny and the skin under my chin will look loose. (Gotta carry a few more pounds than when I was younger, to stay filled out. lol)

I'll be meeting with the representative from the moving company tomorrow, making things real. If they have the availability, we'll move on the 3rd or 4th. That will be all our boxes, and about 2/3rds of our furniture. We'll leave the best-looking furniture, accents and art (in the stager's opinion, not mine) in the house we're selling, just a lot less than people usually have in their house. That way, we can have the advantage of staging the house without having to pay for rental furniture from the staging company. They come in and do the fluff and color-coordinated cushions, and maybe something important like an expensive set of patio furniture (better than ours) but don't hit us up for the big rental fees. Then when we sell the house, the movers come again and bring over the rest of the furniture.

Weather here today is totally lovely. A few sunny days and everyone's spirits rise.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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