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Sunday Weigh In, April 4, 2021

Good morning - yes, it is still morning.  :-)  How is everything this fine Easter morning?  

It's all good here and has been quiet for the past couple of weeks, which is quite nice.  

I did see my primary doctors last week on Tuesday and he changed my thyroid medication, plus gave me an increase in dosage.  WooHoo - that's exactly what I was hoping for and I didn't even have to argue to get it.

I'm still walking every day (or most days) and I feel like I've built more strength, especially, in my legs, back.  I do need to get some supplies so I can continue with the exercises I'd been doing in Physical Therapy.  I did lose weight during my time in PT, so I can only assume it was the exercise that did it - well, in addition to the extra thyroid medication I was taking.  

It will take a while for the new thyroid med to kick in, so I can't count on it helping a lot for the next few weeks.  It's been cold so I've been doing a lot of work on my calligraphy instead of working outside so that means I'm doing a lot more sitting.

All of that said, I've stayed the same as last week, which is kind of disappointing as I'd thought maybe I'd be down a pound or so.  I guess that's the way it goes.  I know most people say that diet is the main weight loss tool, but for me, exercise is as, if not more, important than diet.

So how are you doing?  I hope you reached whatever goal(s) you set for yourself for the week and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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OK, well, my weight is exactly the same as last week, to the tenth of a pound. Given that I had foreboding that I would have gained, that's fine with me. Especially with Easter snacks and dinner, I wasn't hopeful to squeak through. Got my Covid shot today, too. So things are definitely all great! lol
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Here's a shot of a few of the eggs we did. :-)
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Hi, our Easter is still ongoing. We did an egg hunt for our son, and then he and I spent hours dyeing and painting designs on eggs, and now I'm in the middle of cooking dinner. I didn't weigh in this morning, but bet it's not good news. Will weigh tomorrow a.m.
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Sounds like a nice relaxing day.  I haven't dyed Easter Eggs in a long time - since my kids both grew up.  

I shouldn't have weighed yesterday either, but I actually did it before I ate, so I guess I got what I got.  

I hope dinner was good.
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